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Ton's o' Titties Gettin' Stormy

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181 points

What would you say?

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141 points

Idk who did this but thank you

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218 points

Replacement knee

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198 points

Well hello there, handsome

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115 points

Jaimie Alexander

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The perfect parents don't exist...

Preview 2890f8f2 ce51 4292 a0fe dced504d354e
114 points

I had to write to

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104 points


Preview 5bc18d61 d1b6 4348 924f b4b178b4e3ab
116 points

Bikini coffee Lexzann barista

Preview 6bf5e384 cd9c 4e73 bb81 39b6d8df9abd
209 points

The perfect girl doesn't exi--

Preview 03f83105 141d 464b 9bd6 b24c65f4dfbd
126 points

"Tinder Nightmares" Reveal The Most Awkward Romantic Exchanges

Preview 2e73f97b 005f 4ac4 aa0b d6c27c109d21
102 points

Cianna Lynn

Preview 4531cddf f1be 4c8d 876e 5afb6aa1dc9c
163 points

I prefer natalie dormer over emma wattson, whos with me

Preview 70fbbf7c 8908 4273 8251 9e94c5a3075f
111 points

Caroline Arthur has the world's longest legs, 130cm or 4ft3.18in

Preview 7d0bd79a 53c8 4e3c b4c4 80d4d731e3d2
180 points
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Devin Brugman

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