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Repairs two years of damage!

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86 points

No today, Satan! I'm gone!

Preview f1b7e143 8f8b 4b77 a47c 6aba16f1f5c9
56 points

Boom headshot

Preview 384675fb 480f 4955 97df faf6f8cd1eac
108 points

Kardashian parking only

Preview 3a91693e c559 4317 80fa fb582eb4a86a
64 points

Huffy Potter and the Habit of Rust-oleum

Preview 64620b8b c7ca 41cf b98c ff68c8d9e517
80 points

Accurate asf

Preview abd041a6 2c4a 4eb0 b2aa 59f8bfeb296e
83 points

Currently $3.64 just waiting for $4 like....

Preview 5462ebd1 a7c5 4c28 b7ab 1a2aebf0a136
94 points

Playfulness And Joy

Preview 9e830736 debc 4f91 9594 fd767bfcbda7
85 points

Just missing Warner

Preview ca04382d b29b 4ac9 91ca 35255eef7c2e
98 points

Infinity wars is the greatest crossover of all ti....

Preview 04767a46 b785 4cda 833d e30a0952ee5c
97 points

Dead & alive

Preview 0edbbc40 dd4c 40b6 81f7 ae8834d02a2c
85 points

In honor of National Bugs Bunny day.

Preview 5fe2e88d aa36 4baf ae7d f8bf4c27dd54
95 points

Zoo exhibits these days

Preview 8b978abe d4ce 44cd 8974 3b60f230cbc3
100 points

Joan Rivers dedicates her book to someone special

Preview e3c50460 fa03 409c b4db b75509547638
94 points

My bread dough looks like that kid from Stranger Things!

Preview 7749f3c7 eca4 4dd4 a865 fc07d1e8ac03
87 points

The Sequel we Deserve

Preview 90d7897c 61de 4054 b541 164605995b3f
58 points

A collection of claws and talons from various apex predators

Preview 5b3509bf f502 47b4 8177 7b732ab96d1b
85 points

There are two types of graffiti artist in this world..

Preview fa12cfbf 685f 4fb4 a154 d6b0be33c597
126 points

For those who have to change it, may the force be with you

Preview cbbfec4a 925e 4d55 9204 00669fa9e836
89 points


Preview 0928ca8e dc38 4108 acff aaf56b3cfcf9
112 points

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