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So this is one of my profile pics

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93 points

My cat likes to leave me little gifts in my boot

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A great place to absorb beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro below

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When the car that let you in front of them gets caught at the light

Preview 20e413d9 a29d 42ca 8507 6e58f8b9b8de
96 points

Ran out of rolling paper so i had to use the warning paper instead 🤷🏼‍♂️

Preview 160e76fd 60f8 43ff 8f7f d0b004ece3ff
110 points

Haunts me at night that this is the new owner of the playboy mansion

Preview edf06d51 9fe8 45a6 ab2c 4607a31f3efa
245 points

Dun nu... dun nu... dun nu...

Preview 37aa66bf 931e 4ad1 b7d2 fd08074ed0dd
143 points

Because no UPS man is an island...

Preview cc07ba9a 06c4 48e0 a78e 9958ff01386a
177 points

A good advice that goes both ways

Preview 55435f28 4138 441f bbde cd9fdf3ddb6c
163 points

Anything for my Bae

Preview 5af77470 1eea 472e 8910 ffaa5685fb53
190 points

This line up is so sick

Preview 44100486 598c 43a6 8c8a 737ae046e35b
154 points

This guy is going places

Preview de57284c 39c4 4d54 92c5 af0f1d1b68f9
201 points

Buying online clothes I found the review picture on the right.

Preview 841bd618 21b9 437e b31e 63b2929d16d5
330 points

It always happen

Preview 26ea639b 8764 406f b747 85a56338d9ab
166 points

This kids menu at the hotel I’m staying at

Preview 47cff9c0 d506 41d6 9d09 3213593ada4e
203 points

I wear this when I'm feeling cheeky

Preview fa9163cf a305 46f2 9e6b a79100c62786
247 points

The Downside Of Bionics

Preview e452fb07 02e2 4c35 bd7a cee197df2ee4
188 points

True story!

Preview 3e43e74e da2e 46f7 89f8 8d3ecedbf41e
234 points

An introvert's first line of defense

Preview 53619dee f2e3 4fa8 86e6 201be388d2a2
252 points

When you want that 2 pane, energy efficient feel but don't want to pay for it.

Preview f13fc48d 1bf6 4584 8108 5dc32a9db16a
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