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My speed camera photo

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These cookies capture the unseasonably warm weather perfectly.

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43 points

But what if they were?

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58 points

4 days in

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72 points

Two-headed cyclops calf born today

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63 points


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79 points

So, Two pigeons walk into a bar...

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68 points

Me irl

Preview cf89d607 818a 4928 aa5d 02396fc7c603
83 points

I'm notorious in my D&D group for my horrible rolls. Gimping my character. Endangering my group. Yesterday, my Dungeon Master gifted me this shirt.

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87 points

How to

Preview 92a29e47 4f6a 4b6a ba52 5460cc610459
88 points

It all makes sense now

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12 points

Give a man a fish they said. It'll be great they said.

Preview 04796692 ba7e 4ac5 964e eb1a4da35a18

My leg psoriasis

Preview ff30af5a 2a28 4c23 a5bf 81fa05321e7a
8 points

The new Blade Runner movie looks great

Preview 4a75f5d7 d608 4438 9d0c 98f57146ab1d
79 points

Good you’re here, there was an explosion..

Preview 66cfc660 bac4 49db 8ff6 9bd7fea59103

Damn you Jesus!

Preview c1a7de05 1a39 4586 9ef1 3262ec0ebd73
17 points

What is this? Spooky object found under the microwave.

Preview a9572475 9c89 4f47 9c11 114ec2463348
15 points

That must really throb

Preview fd982ebf ca5c 4640 ba32 88101cda16b6
21 points

I don’t remember it going that way...

Preview 279eda6b 3364 451c a61c 6eb9fc41372e
21 points

UPS driver has a sense of humor

Preview a8d95656 5e03 489e a07a 70ebd8d40c15
42 points

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