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I seriously felt like Indiana Jones placing the sandbag to nab the priceless gem when in reality I was slipping a wedge of pita wrap in my boys face whilst he was sleeping #dadoftheyear

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111 points

My bread dough looks like that kid from Stranger Things!

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102 points


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61 points

I thought the US Olympic team's gloves looked familiar

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103 points

Here I come!

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98 points

Lets Go Ahead!!!

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102 points

I'll never see Jack White the same way again

Preview e99f0269 85bf 4a77 9de8 049202afada8
101 points

Man I miss this show.

Preview db6347ff 0abf 440b 95f9 f153d7a2b45d
123 points

Enough internet for today!

Preview 5e4df3b2 13e2 4fe0 93a6 8f28811d25a0
89 points

Family sized lasagne ftw

Preview 28ced852 232d 46d8 a02e e95522b9a945
75 points

Disney princess cosplayer

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197 points
Preview 18f92d86 13fe 42ab 94fc 1332b099734e
105 points

You can't stop yourself

Preview eaf27e14 3a38 4da0 b74c cbf42dba8d7f
88 points

No sir, there aren't any questions

Preview cb17f786 1281 4429 91b0 e650e5a24216
64 points

Pirates jack sparrow

Preview 973c329e fa17 4d13 86b1 4d9631173a02

Scumbag Indiana Jones.

Preview e5c82995 bae3 42a2 9f1d aea668e1310c
226 points

Hat again

Preview 74f59f73 925d 4c48 a485 a1896e93a7bf
64 points

Behold the sorting cone!

Preview ccd04c89 6072 4a8a a846 c7712bfd4a0c
110 points

This isn't your daddy's Vietnam!

Preview 324a7f9e f46a 4ab3 b0a6 2fc4023c5257
99 points

Can someone explain this please

Preview 07d7209f eb43 4a9e 8c36 02cf2de6cd11
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