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Bat decided it wanted to come visit

Preview e8724159 ae7a 49ac bb3d 81f910ac1e61

These boxes are dropping a sick beat for me

Preview f7fe2640 93eb 467f 86c4 7497db28d71d
85 points

Made me a little nervous.

Preview cd73eba4 9aee 4426 8bca 5c462d1401fc
94 points

Irmagerd, please.....

Preview 0296a8dd 8b7e 4426 8921 a3e974bbe86a
111 points

Insert suspicious meme

Preview 246ca554 59ac 4e0c 9682 7e7b2d8c19b8
97 points

This is quite the illusion.

Preview a5994870 c655 40f9 9bde 478faed40f16
152 points

Don’t Drink and Prime

Preview 98d27c71 70e9 471d 8f76 8ba6ba01f3be
168 points

Though my Amazon app was frozen, guess not...

Preview d1bade5c 9294 4137 a626 59207936d5d4
96 points

Smokers have cigarette butts as evidence of their addiction. Alcoholics have empty bottles. My girlfriend has these...

Preview 449a5a7b cff7 46d5 a68a 5b27007ec206
118 points

Pranking future homeowners. lol

Preview bcfaafee f004 4012 8b54 919304372d44

An old worn out sticker on a shelf in a local juice shop, Bangalore, southern India

Preview e0856b32 3e66 4dba a78f eac2e54be4fe
120 points

This pallet of boxes looks like they're up to something.

Preview 89b5f682 9fac 43cd ab0a 24d4c12bd831
131 points

The Law Of Cats

Preview 50b2b278 4d26 48a5 ac6d e34efc7a4d7a
143 points

Your move, Schrödinger.

Preview 8b682a0f 5997 408d b1bd c3fd165fe470
117 points

The hunter stalks her prey

Preview 73ae9583 96af 47e4 9a0d 5fde04334c3c
100 points

Exploring some local drains and came across this.

Preview f1332fc0 1592 478d a9d2 a707dd2605bb
95 points

My roommate's cat is pregnant, so I made her a box to give birth in.

Preview 4dd5b478 e5a1 4557 bc19 49f79b81bf11
74 points

You had one job...

Preview 00d24859 9bbc 4fa1 91e8 239b8a015db9
206 points

Main effect

Preview 82658f85 3f31 4f0b 9cc0 6f29226946bb
82 points

Lazy Dog Keep On Hitting Herself In The Face With Crate Door

335 points

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