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The description for Friday the 13th part VIII on our TV guide for this week

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This review swayed our decision to buy this tent.

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154 points


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221 points

Funny picture

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206 points

I know I would’ve

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187 points

An interesting title

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129 points

Here is a meme from 1920, enjoy.

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133 points

Big penis OR great memory - which one you choose?

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130 points

It's not rocket surgery.

Preview e7efb9cf 6367 4b34 9bc5 e57f7e8afcbd
134 points


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117 points

lol I was horrible helping in group projects

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169 points

Average Face

Preview 14f3d0e1 c18c 4045 8140 36c76f33bfdd
102 points

Me making Fun of vegans vs..

Preview 0177c45b 7fe6 42cb ac13 09e8c4d4a03f
92 points

Am I still a good boy ?

Preview bb088de7 97f3 4770 ba22 58cd54bb6a6b
80 points

My kid saw a movie ad and said 'It looks like us!'

Preview 1244fe10 9519 46cf a32a b11677b18f04
102 points

It's all for research purposes

Preview 3193d0c4 d3ef 42af b667 bf7b8097a219
102 points

"Paps, that filter must be an ancient one!"

Preview 66946e2b 51a0 412c 972c 6d880ce67ddd
80 points


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92 points

What is the plural of fox? FOXEN! I saw a bunch of foxen they were hanging out with the moosen!

Preview ca744370 a7cf 4ed0 b50b 38eb356a56d3
75 points

Moms always find a way to beat their kids.

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84 points

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