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Tornado Safety: DOs and DON'Ts

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The Modern Family

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Meeting the reason for your divorce aka „Hi, I’m the guy your wife cheated with you and you were divorced. But I’m sorry for you“

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The original post and the new one have the same number of comments

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The era of waterproof is upon us

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Imagine clueing his buttcheeks together

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Surprising Effects Of Vaccines

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I love this song

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Welcome to the future!

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This guy gets it

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Possibly the greatest ad I've ever seen in a newspaper. Got drinking problems? Come to the All Wines Off License Shop. Interested in having my Aura Chakras healed though.

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23 points

8 Strange Little-Known Unsolved Mysteries

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85 points

Just saw this on r/casualiama and I am blown away. WTF.

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18 points

7 of the Deadliest Cults that Ended in Tragedy

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59 points

Only in America!

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I introduce you the one and only ...

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Damn right

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58 points

I've read it like 10times and still laughing

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