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Smile friend!

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201 points

Very easy

Preview 251ab2e0 f00d 4fe7 a949 0314b60b7372
145 points

Children are hilarious! And a little odd...

Preview 274e8864 cd0b 4daa a39b eea87f6ac941
105 points

How to protect yourself from a robot...!!!

Preview a9cf3dbc 0ef0 4114 8ee3 0a478e3d8447
111 points

Sometimes you just need a break

Preview 2bbb02ca 7e54 466e 8b56 99106a035aab
140 points

I can't believe it either

Preview a16bc2cc a5fc 4cdb 8a22 161e47bdb99e
105 points

How to protect yourself from a robot

Preview 5ead15a8 4d34 4547 8a96 3f56c7f57d10
112 points

Asbestos Jewelry

Preview 9122f469 c349 4de7 9d5e a4a1bf40a1ea
94 points

My mum's new puzzle book looks... interesting

Preview b8dc0590 efd9 4dc5 bf63 e8d4e3d7e3e8
103 points

45-Port Ethernet Switch

Preview 83a77ae3 8ba8 4b8b 932b 11a8de42a956
90 points

Printer cat guarding her spoils. 38 test pages in under a week.

Preview e78a004b c3d0 443c 9a6e 78f71d669d4c

Charlie Poot On My Barbie

Preview 8cb0c6b5 874e 4117 9e34 c2f83af5b3a4
106 points

Well that escalated quickly

Preview 90c302f8 ae2f 477d a5d2 bd05e45a09ec
101 points

I do not see anything about this in the manual

Preview 57417e17 5d34 4e1d a1f0 6d01943d477f
107 points

I've been attending classes in this building for 2 years and I just noticed this today. Woah!

Preview b6c291c4 5c22 4a76 b117 619b7b9ecdbd
102 points

A hero walks among us

Preview ed719368 65a3 4b8a b606 a4efaf17a553
21 points

What did I just read

Preview e18ed4dd 7902 4384 9188 37f8317cf26c
64 points

I wish I could think of something to write here

Preview 4b2a4eaa 6f72 48c7 9ac7 88e0549a7b75
104 points

Periodic table chocolate.

Preview 2d5e5629 3cfa 48bf 878e d4af2b6376b5
107 points

Damn, Donovan!

Preview a61f50c0 9fd9 4a89 9d3e 5d9edf7b7af9
101 points

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