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Get your d*cks out

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52 points

Lego Batman was a great movie for little hidden jokes like this.

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16 points

The power of ice cream.

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10 points

Cracking open a cold one with the boys

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11 points

Another star wars mistake

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13 points

Muhammad Ali vs Cleveland Williams - 1966

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67 points


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13 points

It’s okay to put your phone down and enjoy the life.

Preview 67706106 5619 430e 8ae7 708a60e8eb4e
9 points

The Big Three and their teams.

Preview 8942336f b7e8 44aa aebc fa0bb2481338

Soldiers coming home

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11 points

People really sorting through 'new'

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10 points

He cool with it boyz.

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112 points

Finally... today

Preview b6b5bc8c 55d6 42e2 8a4c ea06300c65d9
1 points

Taco Bell just opened in Holland

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*Translation* You just need a place in your heart

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2 points

His brain is funcional

Preview 14dfafed aa23 4605 9c5e df308d8bb83e
2 points

How long is her arm?

Preview 5c9f6379 6f08 4b89 a9f8 aeb0f03dd178
2 points

I've watched LOTR with an orchesrta, it was awesome

Preview 8570e053 4703 4d9a a245 e2096d674383

Just overthrowing capitalism, one Apple iPhone 7 selfie at a time.

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4 points

Savage af

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