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When your gnome mage is richer than a country's elite

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Leg Beauty Contest

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74 points

When you hit something...

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19 points

Soldiers pay tribute to the horses donkeys & mules who died in the First World War

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65 points

On the beam.

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85 points

Incredible India

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The 12 stages of fear ranging from blissful ignorance to abject terror as illustrated by my son's first ride on a rollercoaster

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20 points

The Philippines has successfully defeated Isis pledged group in its territory.

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24 points

A nazi is punched at the Richard Spencer protest at the University of Florida - 10/19/17

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Distraction comes in all shapes and forms

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23 points

Never surrender!

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2 points

Concert signs.

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20 points

When you're the black sheep of the family there's only one thing left to do with your life

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96 points

Charlottesville 2017 - Let them fight

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Just a little bit different

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3 points

Why is everyone so close?!


Always remember

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5 points

The more I go on the internet, the more I lose faith in humanity

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