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Festival struggles

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120 points

Canada in a nutshell

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112 points

Only 2 girls, as he can count only till 2

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113 points

Miss New Zealand falls unconscious in Miss Universe competition 1954. No one gives a shit

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208 points

When you are the only girl in the class

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213 points

This guy who likes turtles

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126 points

Carneval around the world

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148 points

What changed ?

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126 points

Dude Does An Actual Brilliant Freestyle On The Beach

185 points

Wallah Habibi

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97 points

Average Bosnian Slavic "muslim"

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180 points

How to adapt books 101

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Lunch in the sky! But what if you need to go to the toilet?

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133 points

Rick Grimes

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76 points


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88 points

How to traumatise your kid 101.

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120 points

What a colorful trojan horse

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101 points

It's a hard life

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93 points

They need some liberal thoughts there! Oh wait! I'm in jail already

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226 points

World can be cruel sometimes..

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221 points

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