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A Mall Display

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9 points

Feeling croissant

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21 points

Its realy hard to understand what they say

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16 points

This still relevant?

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65 points

Not mine, but can relate

Preview cfc0265c 5aa3 4454 b72c 970efbfc5fba
16 points

Camel Gets a Hair Cut!

Preview 98477803 7f66 46f4 9e3d 673dbee1b6f0
22 points

The monument to rats used for DNA research in the city of Novosibirsk, Siberia

Preview 21b886b1 8df9 4dff a0aa 79edf946304f
20 points

And your suffering will be legendary even in the 100 acre wood

Preview d550572f c88d 479a a830 75279ffe4236

Matching a dress with Saint Petersburg Mosque's interior

Preview bde6ede2 6e5d 46e6 94fe 75b74b41c70e
16 points

Matching dress' pattern with mosque's interior

Preview 74702fd3 4f6e 4c21 aa38 dd3483820518
11 points

This painting at the airport in Shreveport, LA.

Preview 2e2adc13 1b44 42df 992e 671c142a6a0d
3 points

Importance of Geometry in Islamic Architecture

Preview ecf6f77e 808b 4adf b4d7 150d39c5df4b
16 points

Son of Odin does not beg for help!

Preview 4c49ca71 2164 4521 b20d cb9f664ba62a
17 points

Floral Arrangements

Preview 976a3cb0 d159 4fb7 aacf 63c7945b920a
17 points

Closer to Van Eyck, amazing website, I spent hours looking at the details of this painting

Preview 6039fe62 0634 47f2 8dc6 f49ccbdced59
16 points

Pepe found in Amsterdam

Preview eb5aee43 4c84 42f3 9eea 238a2046cd44


Preview 1c910891 6ea2 4934 bd96 2798f4adaf06
85 points

HAVE YOU SEEN IT? ! Meme monument

Preview 1162eaf5 2850 41f1 9ec2 fd832d29e017
9 points

Speed dating earpiece prank with Chrissy Teigen


This picture says alot

Preview b53c13ab 955c 485a abfd f6872061377f
8 points

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