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So I horked this out of my right nostril, am I dying?

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19 points

Take my money !

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11 points

Hopefully my morning coffee isnt a sign of things to come.

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21 points

I need this in my life

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23 points

Want one too

Preview 9a155f98 9ca6 4caf bb40 57f5ea245740
19 points

I honestly hate myself I’m sorry

Preview 87902fa0 ac60 4198 809f bfd8c281218a
21 points

McDonalds new cup

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19 points

Hold your wife's hand in the mall...

Preview 3c432ec2 08d0 45ca a1d6 4d418f1ac91d
23 points

Present for my wife

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1 points

Badass crow makes cats fight.


My Tetris shape ice cube tray sometimes creates images I'd rather not see in my glass.

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2 points

Don't ruin my tea!! milk goes in last!!!

Preview 44018ee5 b9f3 419c a38a be04b671f2f2
22 points

Lol biscuits wtf?!?!?

Preview 8e26c4f1 67d1 41f3 9ffd f5304defda6a
20 points

Someone didn't flush the toilet the last day of school. I came back to this. Yes, they are moving.

Preview 455c981c a85d 4e81 92cf 428e9a3931d1
24 points

Some ideas for our daily tools

Preview c546aaa0 9c0b 4624 924a 9d48431d569e
17 points

Ebay at it's finest

Preview 7a32ff16 499e 4c29 a099 9d1887d83d9a
3 points

Why were we taught this in school?

Preview a9b17ef3 2ac6 4218 b5b8 d513f46a420a
22 points

But can you not even?

Preview 82feb256 ee48 4474 9226 c211f996ea13
17 points

Welcome to S.A.

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3 points

After School Water Prank on Sister


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