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91 points

"Cats love it"

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63 points

Especially by focusing the details

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87 points

Cat recognizes his owner in a video chat

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50 points

My cat took a selfie

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30 points

I heard you need some WOW

Preview 36e3d9db 2adc 4b7d a367 7598c2bc6de0
58 points

Cate plz no boop

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33 points

Looking into the Abyss

Preview d97270e7 e74e 4b8f a443 36a2291c097a
84 points

He protec but he also attac

Preview 740c9c7f 5daa 455c 810f a94f9f1aa883
63 points

This kitten has seen some shit

Preview 84742dd5 e26d 4cf5 b1ce a2e31b0348c9
43 points

Could you spare some change

Preview 3aeeafc2 674f 48bb 9f97 a03590d39979
46 points

Look at these eyes.

Preview 81b63686 acf1 4092 8ccb 7968d21e119d
17 points

I found it beyond the wall of my house

Preview 547f7bb9 a19c 4f36 8b7a c11568c687bd
52 points

When my friend cheer me up.

Preview 8691dd88 c643 4a56 bfa5 4dfcd564b684
48 points

Cat lost her eye to an accident, but with modern technology's help, she regained it.

Preview 766b887e 959c 4f83 ae6f ee21116f3a9f
57 points

Who doesn't love hamsters? :)

Preview 7eb11937 f4f0 456c aa6d 6d9912951878
20 points

A bird flew *really* close to the window and scared her.

Preview 9957f0a2 5868 4fdc 89b9 130ea8175495
74 points

Wet pussy........

Preview 5c1a76bf cddd 4de2 ae85 1f3d5ff13bd1
82 points

Too many people in this world dont get sarcasm

Preview 7552a642 b372 4c11 b5ab 6a68aa037331
138 points

Foar mosd of us its the secont lenguege

Preview fa3eb21c abdc 4e85 bc08 4656b5ce2818
15 points

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