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"am I pretty ?"

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20 points

If you can read this thank a teacher

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24 points

Startled by the thunder

Preview 819b6b1c adb1 47ca b007 91037b4b5473
12 points

When your hooman has the smell of dogs

Preview 4f2b0ea4 e4f6 40a1 9e67 7dbafca4c1ca
61 points

I feel judged

Preview 8af6613d 112b 40b7 acff c736208e4a3a

Beans spies photo taker.

Preview c9292551 de41 490b 94cc 5ba976c18661
20 points

What else could've done it?

Preview b66f2e03 f3ed 45b2 853d 7f5669332da9
74 points

The German Shepherd barked...

Preview 3898dc2e 1c77 48a2 9206 f11847dbe29b
15 points

Those eyes.

Preview e2714a4c 03a5 47d6 9595 446c9f1eaae8
19 points

Cat recognises his owner in a video chat

Preview 1f323cab e342 428d bf5f eb6dfaf13af5
55 points

Wait I wasn't ready.

Preview bed6353d c131 47e1 8cc9 0767a01aa458
16 points

Im not dat fut

Preview c4207eda 3331 4320 8b43 77aeb8774e29
20 points

Crept up on her while she was stalking a Squirrel outside

Preview cbfee467 f78c 42b4 be9d 7b46af3a6ea1
19 points

I'll just jump in here whilst you're pooping

Preview 4b1cdb8c ff52 4480 b583 917f41bdcbc8

Cate approved

Preview 677fdf89 c708 45ff b157 fedb0514d340
80 points

First time losing a pet. Didnt know it'd be this sad. Sleep well buddy. 2003-2017.

Preview 611b8932 9208 4e03 9d2b c967403ad134
23 points

Minecraft irl

Preview 5075191b e1d1 44ef 98d4 b51804b13f88
75 points


Preview d7683897 1632 49a3 91a3 ee6f7499acb8
49 points

This little fella shows up and steals your bowl. What's your next move?

Preview 9ab5b17f c1db 4538 bee1 f3ce3223ce28
19 points

Mine too

Preview bce1d0b3 19bc 484f b0de 7905ceca15af
18 points

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