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If.... I.... fits.... I SITS

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58 points


Preview 31ee6444 2b30 4ecd 8bb0 a2aa09fc63fb
39 points

Dad started typing really fast on the computer and Moose couldn’t handle it.

Preview 7399e07b 4e2a 4a7c bea5 f10fa9cf59cc
88 points

This Steve Buscemi cat

Preview 4e518d6a b641 4950 9f11 57270f94fc94
95 points

I hope she found what she was looking for...

Preview d8ea0c8e 7a8d 43b3 b034 6392282b968f

Princess with her beans up & ready to attack!

Preview 0bc8fab1 7bd2 48e1 a358 383aa43ee1f4
69 points

She stole her spot

Preview 1beb1860 c6a8 4e9c 8911 299017ad5b0f

Come here we have business.

Preview d1e53f87 85de 4b67 865d 0f4c3e6d6198

One of my favorite pictures of our cat, Lilly.

Preview 53e38854 bd32 4a79 b891 7f81f3147385
70 points

Little guy wont let go

Preview 963ebb8d db5f 4513 a5a9 53fcc4553639

My cat thought the snozberries tasted like snozberries.

Preview c94fcf4e 0387 49e8 9edf 759a28cd4782
71 points

His first time seeing a laser pointer on the ceiling.

Preview b3aa34ed 57cb 4ad4 a71e f5eec9fb5e28
50 points

Just found out about this sub and want you guys to meet Marlo, queen of being startled.

Preview de6edf6c 40f0 4105 8139 8e5d11cd2cad
33 points

Monorail cat

Preview fddfa79f ec41 4d9e 959f 6623a5f07604
51 points

It must be destroyed

Preview 4d226e5a c672 46e6 88b8 c73518c4942f

Is there something on my face?

Preview b6b05fc3 dfde 4469 8293 b46602f28492
76 points

Just a cat with beard.

Preview b4d43cf6 1582 4126 b1c2 e25821865715
60 points

Cats can be jerks sometimes

Preview 4ad2e552 be0c 461b a1cf 6fa61699bf3e

Funny Cat busted

Preview 296bfd80 2290 459e ad68 e893a01d0324
74 points

Whenever I crinkle paper I’m greeted by this

Preview d440bba4 430d 44c5 9dfe 66ae013a7c6c
99 points

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