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Abnormal human sweater I came across when I worked for a family earlier this week.

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76 points

My Six Year Old Son Pointed Out When You Hold A Clif Bar Upside Down It Looks Like “The Last Moment Of That Guy’s Life”

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55 points

I was looking for a children's book I had as a kid with cats playing with colored balls on the cover.

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111 points

Um, what is this advertising exactly?

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91 points

Wood nipple

Preview 4345d33d d751 4c5f 9ba6 a8c3292d7264
137 points

Asked Dominoes to ‘Draw your best Velociraptor on the box’

Preview 659a97ee 9d88 4d89 b854 c057ef44c00f
76 points

My mom didn't notice the card she sent to my GF for her birthday...

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114 points

This character from my daughter's school book.

Preview 041d3bcd 1836 49b8 b350 ec262ac26a57
88 points

He wouldn’t even look at me he was so guilt ridden.

Preview f8a8b99d 9a9a 4708 a1ad a41c09e3c11c

My pregnant wife is practicing her swaddling. Skittles isn't a fan.

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23 points

Messing Up A Couch

Preview 31fb492e 8ae0 4375 b4de 571b5cc016d2

Something tells me this isn't official Nintendo merch...

Preview 4140479a cdc0 4658 8e5a 069fe764e6b2
54 points


Preview 7082f977 b58f 473f a883 d7c1ab8b886d

Historical town home in St. Louis MO

Preview e2a6045b 18e4 448b bb6d 33649cdef96b
22 points

"Well ,this didn't go down as planned ,a little help please"

Preview d3718915 e1da 45c3 ab4b 7ea9705865f2
99 points

Jackson doesn't like tree trimmers.

Preview 73e30165 8fbf 4234 89e4 6930d9ef458b
44 points

Found this pillow while helping a friend move. I assume it's about the famous WWE match where Jesus got body slammed to shit.

Preview 7090abca 3562 4bf2 8c60 9161cd8a0901
71 points

Halloween tea.

Preview 98a96d6c b6d0 4b7f be59 3e91cbe32d2c
72 points

Cozy and colourful Finnish retro home

Preview 535563a6 bbfe 4e9c ae4c f1b3a2db7e64
55 points

Loft in The W Los Angeles

Preview 405090cd 518e 4e9f b7c6 2913c8365cf4
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