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NO! Not a litterbox!

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Who's a good boy ?

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10 points

When a can of food pops open while you're getting pets

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Warning: Pupper dissolves in water

Preview 3e7bba30 6322 4492 b2e7 ce2f27916dd4

Pretty Women Beauty Silicone Face Slimmer Mouth Muscle Tightener Present

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7 points

Stop taking photos and help me please

Preview dd4fba5c 4263 4771 9b0f 0f7d12926af4

Heterochromia Iridium

Preview affa194b 9c49 4fd6 bf67 aca82dfc0b9d

My dog was attacked by a cat, we changed his name to Scarface

Preview 2a2b1b24 e7a5 40f9 a154 344bb17278a3
10 points

I'm helping!

Preview 08bffe3d a5cb 4709 a3b0 6a53cf60817b
9 points

Graphics matters

Preview 9478c7e0 4edc 4535 804d 2c0b4503ca3f
5 points

You want Sum fluff ???

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10 points

This Is Animal Abuse!

Preview 33558b4b 68da 4467 a88c f383f590df36
54 points


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10 points

Oh kurwa!

Preview 05187f58 611d 469f b585 9e7e72ee6a96

The bigger the doggo, the bigger the snoot. The bigger the snoot, the more the boops.

Preview b36d2ba8 1090 4e27 9a48 584e2b3b2cf4

Yawning with his eyes open

Preview 2b01c2e5 bc66 4d35 b348 3860998bd511

"I only destroyed ONE of the doors"

Preview 114ec9da 65d1 4244 a47f a2e035b9b2d5

Right now you are looking at one of the oldest memes.

Preview 9a285fe6 f89e 45fb a6cd 637d3b6e0afc
12 points

Captain Australia

Preview 5ba0ecc4 c9ae 4044 bf24 4edc5c848cd8
14 points

Is that a clit?

Preview c4d81969 ef0a 4e27 b3fc bfaec07a4e66
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