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This Steve Buscemi cat

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18 points

The dog in the picture is doing the same thing the dog irl is doing.

Preview f4101362 dcc5 41f2 8499 ec70d2959c12
100 points

dat ass 🤢

Preview 75ad8e92 26e8 42f6 9d26 038de949339e

Well, Summer?

Preview dfae6ae8 595a 4efd acfa 9956ac0d6992
96 points

No mor homeworkz hooman. Petz naow.

Preview aac56047 e4aa 4a18 89b7 ae403b5b3d2f

its your turn now

Preview 87404423 5272 491d 8bf5 d8ed9cf383d5
45 points

This is Kevin. Kevin likes tuna

Preview 82d92b4f fec4 46a5 80fc f8b50f990f3d
62 points

All day long.

Preview 837a4177 15f8 4fe0 ad21 8d2f95ee0d0c
77 points

Who da fuk u think u is???

Preview e0b60c5c 6dea 4839 833e 5efd69e7a421

I hope she found what she was looking for...

Preview d8ea0c8e 7a8d 43b3 b034 6392282b968f

She refuses to sit on a bare floor.

Preview 566dc535 6e32 41ad ab69 ca6995b4faa4


Preview eca88d35 7224 4c25 8d90 3436a9738b83
55 points

Lemme introduce you, my cat and its invisible race car

Preview 8bb69652 9a34 4f4e b2ae 28b7b7de5d7c
75 points


Preview 24c3fb9c fdd2 43ac 91b8 63f8b8a36a5b

"Thanks for making me this bed of graded tests...."

Preview 9570f3e7 668f 4ef1 a86b 8849fc3b9828

This dog came to every match of our basketball team. Today team presented to him this uniform and a ticket to the VIP-zone

Preview 92907219 1b94 4f72 8d23 2af6a571396b
57 points


Preview a9269a25 ea14 48a2 a7cf 3bdc3f99436e

This cheeky doggo with no regrets after peeing on his mom in the subway

Preview 701ed832 b937 40a5 b8e0 8b5cd33ea631

Good Morning, this is my water now

Preview 8d793238 d6c6 4c65 8caa 2edae98d60c2

Game, Set, Match.

Preview 593ab8bb d63b 467b 80f6 6a7591b17218
70 points

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