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I miss having SkyMall on flights...

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Isn’t this how Hitler started?

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Shadow catches the ball

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Sent to me from my dad in Arkansas

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The worst place to put an advertisement in a newspaper?

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88 points

The chair

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The top text is a normal ad for a house. The bottom text is the agent’s opinion on a random tv show.

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Mike doesn't fuck around

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In my local paper...

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80 points

Words to live by

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Stumbled upon this in the wild...

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Every Thanksgiving my Grandpa does this to gross out my grandma

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Trumps wives were immigrants

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Happy wife happy life.

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Tried the new Google Arts & Culture app four times... I just don't see it

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Happy Columbus Day!

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Before today, I never thought I would see a sign so badly kerned that it made me physically ill to look at.

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Just put some cow dung on your phones!

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Old woman’s picture comically places next to this

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