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I know I would’ve

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95 points

Police patrolling the rough streets

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120 points

It's not rocket surgery.

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125 points

Disrespectful cows. One might say they were being “jerky”...

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Bloody hell Peter

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91 points

I wanna know why

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50 points

What is the plural of fox? FOXEN! I saw a bunch of foxen they were hanging out with the moosen!

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73 points

Don’t get Terry started..

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104 points

This is a good deal guys

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105 points

Taking yard sale signs to the next level!

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97 points

A Q&A from the New York Daily Mirror, circa 1950s

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88 points

Deciding who to wife

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96 points

Asian problems

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82 points

Why men shouldn't write advice columns

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64 points

This happened to me once in my class.😂😂

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98 points

I’m American, and a tweet that I sent out was featured in an Australian Newspaper, who thought I was English

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105 points

Fake Celebrity Prank At Walmart!


Ricky was just cut from a different cloth.

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109 points

They're actually referring to a bag of amphetamines, but this is still hilarious

Preview 7f522850 73ca 4bb6 9901 84690157cc69
92 points

maybe next year

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