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The devil in me got an easy job

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86 points

My buddy went to Coachella last night

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Hate political, but found this hilarious!

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Thought this belonged here - r/confusing_perspective

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155 points

The bench makes it look like this guy grew a mullet halfway thru his workout

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98 points

He was more patient with him than I would have been


GoT season 7 in a nutshell

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60 points

Asking the real question

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65 points

Go away, asshole

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So true.

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89 points

Every generic team-up ever

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Dancing In The Dubai Tram!!

19 points

Aww yeah!

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107 points

Kate Upton Shakes Her Hips Your Way, Gives You A Show

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check out these funny prank calls, don't forget to subscribe !!

75 points

Ikea food line


Cat's are always willing to help

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103 points

Dancing all over a museum in Los Angeles ca


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