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Haute Couturepuss.

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81 points

She totally busted me trying to take a candid at a Renaissance Faire

Preview c869f192 1cd9 481c a0fa 8734bbfdef78
93 points

Conservatives hate her

Preview a09017b9 2aea 4436 be58 655f4b4d018a
91 points

Thought this belonged here - r/confusing_perspective

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156 points


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53 points

This boy acts like Flash

Preview ea70b399 3cd8 4bf4 85dc 92cfcc0ea4ad

I told him many times not to climb on the chairs

Preview 67691901 3259 4668 a2f3 a0bc3298e073

While our band was on tour, a guy offered to let us stay in his house. This was there, and many like it. We slept in the van.

Preview 1160911c 0d1c 442e b4f6 9d4333690f5d
117 points

Sounds about right

Preview 398c9194 8f13 4879 8490 fb471da6419f
80 points

[Witcher 3] Shani Cosplay by Lyumos

Preview b71b7e5f e376 443b 882f 8af8250b0a6c
58 points

The party you want to be at

Preview 3dc5176f 0fc3 4eb6 ae03 91c8f3bc430b
149 points

Aww yeah!

Preview f81d5952 03ca 4ee9 b4bf 466fc9c11768
108 points

Cat's are always willing to help

Preview 9f3e435b 885e 4725 ab00 29d1ef0729ca
104 points

When you're ugly AF but you're on the internet

Preview de8fd8b1 9b74 44f0 b7d5 1f57ccf00d1c
111 points
Preview eed65650 0ee8 40f9 a65a b70b536aecd9
134 points

When you are the only upvoter on your post.

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24 points

Daddy's little princess

Preview 8441583e 3001 4e5c 9fdb 3a147369fc0d
18 points

Spotted this in a back alley in Ireland

Preview 680c4fd8 de9f 4b71 8530 8ea7493440be
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Sexy! Nah!?

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