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Hold up, what?

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The Major (Ghost in the shell) Coslayer: Elenasamko

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Dancing all over a museum in Los Angeles ca


Watch out for that first step.

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"Up" :3

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Ever pushed so hard that you're out of breath?

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Bridal Bouquets Replaced With Cats

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Just dancing with a doll.


Beware of puggywise


Blasting Embarrassing Songs in Drive Thrus


Auditions for a new Wonder Woman are clearly not going as hoped.

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Lego Batman was a great movie for little hidden jokes like this.

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she just kept getting wet......


Just a dancing kitten.

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Where the f is his head ?

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Zac Efron’s Heart-Felt Tribute To Tom Cruise Makes Tom Shy Like A Girl!


Beyond The Lip Sync Battle With Ricky Martin And Kate Upton

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5 Easy Lap Dance Moves To Learn For Your Boyfriend (NSFW)

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