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Rope access window cleaning


Well that's an interesting request

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115 points

Guy tries to take camera and backpack from 2 freerunners and had a knife.


Claustrophobic Caving in Water


The fire spirit

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The Exorcism Of The Chupacabra Demon Prank Call

18 points

The Rope - Slackline over Monster Waves in Nazaré


This "serious at first glance" sign.

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118 points

Flare-up Steak.

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Quack Quack Quack

Preview ecb4e781 0daf 482c a512 770b7a6c630b

Important science tip

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103 points

I made dis

Preview 52982888 c699 4301 8ab6 f156176dee82
71 points

Get him!

Preview 7e56af25 a95d 46d4 9465 b583319c3b72
90 points

A local restaurant takes parking seriously

Preview 77337671 89a5 4e2b b6e9 c57ff42128be
105 points

Go Sheep

Preview c2916835 be18 4d40 b91d beaf474ec93a
77 points

Shots fired by the local Barber shop.

Preview 46e95a90 3f00 4f15 816b 1a22c2dd810b
71 points

Sign at my local liquor store

Preview 3d88141e bdf9 43ac 8e5f c663967c4c2b
86 points

At my nephew's football game and this sign at the field cracked me up

Preview 4b7a948c 51b4 4b67 9166 9213011ddd8f
98 points

My boss was not happy when he showed up with 7 policemen vouching for him...

Preview d9d721fa 0122 4af4 8dc6 01491081b0be
51 points

It ain't stupid if it works

Preview 2833b6a5 fd50 4b1a ad27 5c82c59910fe
57 points

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