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One of my coworkers has this on his locker.

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20 points

You can do it!

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11 points

Line maintenance

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48 points

Looks like I'll have to cancel the romantic drive I planned with your mom.

Preview ec287eac 7930 4d27 a06a 70edf57bc3d5
20 points

The entire population of Houston

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80 points

As a Australian ?? Always fun In Austria

Preview 6aeefdd5 6c80 4876 b9cc fe08e90ee760

"Full-ish House"

Preview 4c5b4da8 ee43 4101 b494 3d48f98404b2
23 points

This can of bug spray looks like a Finding Nemo character.

Preview 00ed2d64 629f 445f b907 28f6cbeed82d
63 points

Making this obviously doesn´t took much work

Preview 89a47c94 fe34 42fa aaa3 84c980fb110b
18 points

This is by far the best science fiction show that I've ever seen and I think its getting way too less attention

Preview 936a96c2 7679 4c77 8a42 bb117fc9867c

Lava looks so damn tasty

Preview 4d4df4be e6d9 4209 87d7 ff5ecdbd4fd3
17 points

Reserved parking for Grandpa Rick

Preview af84b13c 6d7d 4e33 8a66 d062402c4f87
94 points

This revolver.

Preview 2da09cb5 b4aa 4383 ab5a 3a2a857c97ea
82 points

If it works it works

Preview f99a2d95 cb83 4502 96ee ae2985c36bb3

Pet missing?

Preview e9965754 24ff 43a3 ab26 f22fe21c5d96
18 points

Smoking is good for the environment because it kills humans

Preview e6bd642f e621 4c91 bc07 1303e68bd0bf
18 points

Enough said!

Preview 6f234e05 c6eb 4911 ade1 ebecde88c1bf
16 points

Anyone else?

Preview 0a0fd763 af23 4362 b2a2 3efe79847417

Never give up

Preview 2b2438fd 7f0c 44a7 a10e d0b6c3a97496
21 points

Damn <3

Preview fcd02e80 4019 436d 9c48 c14bbfc809c0
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