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The Milky Way above Mont Blanc last weekend.

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13 points

Concert hall within a Cello

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21 points

Six Words Of Sadness

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21 points

Once in a lifetime picture taken during eclipse ..

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19 points

Literally once in a lifetime shot. Shot by accident by a friend of mine.

Preview 972bcaa5 6f97 49bc a5a8 de9c3ad10393
22 points

Long exposure of the Milky Way galaxy above Mont Blanc, France.

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11 points

Don't be afraid to take an unfamiliar path

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21 points

Eclipse view from Portland, Oregon

Preview 98369e10 87f8 4307 a7a1 a952225865ba
20 points

Just metal things \m/

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21 points

Anyone else?

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Aerial view of a scrap tire dumpyard

Preview 9151f799 bbaf 4115 a2b0 386411bd25f8
84 points

I honestly hate myself I’m sorry

Preview 87902fa0 ac60 4198 809f bfd8c281218a
21 points

U wnt sum dying meme?

Preview 2a2750a1 bf0a 4632 a822 fd1cfd57c6f5
1 points

Friend of a friend took this eclipse shot with a telescope. Sorry for low quality.

Preview 0dfe6a88 7bfe 4a87 a504 f0401a409013
14 points

Phenomenal Northern Lights Display near Tromsø, Norway.

Preview 1430baf9 deb6 4492 9423 db29fbbffc54
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Preview dde3a092 a6b5 4419 9831 6b7983d7bb44

I think this is the best solar eclipse picture yet.

Preview ab88b1ae ead7 4086 a6f6 48adca4adbe1
24 points

My wife tried out with some noir pics.

Preview cfc02e29 45b0 4a13 9854 ac8c487b3a08
20 points

A beautiful night sky in Finland

Preview 15657d87 8203 432e 80cb c25876881842
9 points

When everyone else is excited about solar eclipse

Preview 877b741d b0f6 4219 9747 df8c74007644

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