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Lava lamp bought at target, and now it looks very....sexual

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138 points

Thunderstorm in my neighborhood in TX

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113 points

Found a frozen mouse in my frozen coffee I bought yesterday

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82 points

Be like star

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66 points

This picture of lightning hitting a moving cat

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120 points

Its not a real bird, but it sure looks like it

Preview f420d1ab 2c9a 456b 9189 8fdd4044bff7

After sixteen years of driving past this sign, it finally happened.

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68 points

X-post from mildlyinteresting.

Preview ee2b2a17 dd79 4454 826b 8ec03f1d8e91
103 points

Morning commute to work in la

Preview f818bcd4 33f7 4988 95a2 d2a07dc5232d

"The Milky Way Motel"

Preview 35b3b69c dda5 4a2d b5f3 04734e849edf
69 points

Massive gas fire in Oakland county Michigan

Preview a11d98c5 773d 4b60 882d 798d449ef78b
130 points

Eclipse diamond shot from Tennessee

Preview 7a64b5ff 1655 4a61 9839 b882f3130de8
77 points

Solar eclipse in Finland

Preview 49a95a49 1543 40eb b902 09b5aefd509c
61 points

My dad, an amateur photographer, caught some INCREDIBLE eclipse pictures from one of the areas in 100% totality, Greenville, SC. I think the

Preview 99766ee8 ffda 4f73 8621 7491b393e351
102 points

Campus Petitioners


we all I.T down here

Preview 4c0bfe8b 134e 4cae b24e fdd84fb3d43b
78 points

This plastic wrapped fire alarm in my hotel room.

Preview 6a322149 ee95 48a3 a4b3 f19e2f6d3bd6
70 points

This town dicked the halls

Preview 82ddf69a 8ff9 4b09 be14 8ebb666e8d18

I'm in Japan so we see the eclipse a day before you guys in the US. Enjoy!

Preview 56aa75ca 2361 44c0 b14c 8a6283118032
75 points

Set my camera on a tripod and tried to get a shot of myself observing the stars last night.

Preview f17a5530 b991 4490 99eb c1e9d4abff5c
114 points

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