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This ring

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10 points

Eclipse as seen from Nebraska

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Solar eclipse out of nebraska sorry for quality!

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4 points

Scrap tire dumpyard from above

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18 points

Total Eclipse as seen from Sublimity, Oregon

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14 points

The best eclipse photo yet (taken by K. Jorgensen)

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14 points

When you reverse up a hill on mustafar

Preview c13e6e9f c7c2 4392 93e5 2ab81bc87e62

When you finish it....

Preview 636022d2 bb3b 4515 9287 97a662e37113

This picture (not mine) from lastnights thunderstorm in Finland is serious wallpaper material.

Preview 5e1655e6 4e1f 4aa2 aa8a bfdf4afc8f0f
78 points

Under the Milky Way (Yellowstone National Park)

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7 points

Avoid a movie's plot with maximum three sentences

Preview 91eb7ee4 a550 4120 9645 fd51bf3702d6
11 points

Say his name!

Preview 9918b686 14dd 44ee b3bf 5a548261b4c2

Portrait of a night hunter

Preview ebe88b84 2033 40d2 90f7 1e812bec0082
1 points

A jet flew in front of the moon right at sunset and this happened!

Preview 97d847b0 1da6 4ff7 93fc 66b023b53c4f

I must go in. Maybe it will return my insanity.

Preview 542e0365 0255 4930 82ec ea04bfe1e4f2
2 points

Tap rapidly to do some push ups

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5. Profit!

Preview 2ff577b1 d71d 4c7e add2 89a1a684d91d
13 points

This mug my dad gave me is the greatest little gadget I've ever had

Preview 88149c7c d8ac 4135 af66 dbffbb96d1bd
93 points

Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Terrifying Monsters That’ll Give You Nightmares

Preview 13778775 7bd4 4805 b22f 51d34395eaf8
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