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It only took 14 years for my jeep to travel the distance that light travels in one second.

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My wife wondered why I was so excited to hit 80k miles

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42 points

Interior of a flooded Houston car

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103 points

He tied a tablet and a phone to his steering wheel. Note the ticket in his hand

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This was Nissan's idea of their future cars in 1983.

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My today's achievement

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It only happens once

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58 points

Employee goals

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I finally was able to buy a car with anti-theft installed!

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90 points

Once in a lifetime, eh?

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When you want to drive but also want to take back Jerusalem

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A number that can only be captured once in a car's lifetime

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My dad worked 10 years on this beauty. Citroën C4F from 1930.

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This is what happens when you fall down a flight of stairs

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59 points

*satan intensifies*

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On this episode of world's dumbest

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I've taught my G/F well!

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Yep... That's a lady sitting on a riding mower, in the back of a utility trailer, completely unstrapped.

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