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Kid's take on tornado safety

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75 points

Found these in my old room at my Dad's house. Glad to see I had my priorities straight when I was 14.

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254 points

We humans are so weird

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1 points

I hope there's a special place in hell for the people responsible for those keyboard layouts

Preview 17b1083a d6cd 4800 8b43 8fb19f22ec71
1 points

Had a patient check into the ER with some interesting symptoms. Briefly considered grabbing armfuls of antibiotics and making a run for it.

Preview b330fbbe 913c 4251 ae3e a87c21a2d0c3
6 points

Lost book is finally found

Preview 20e62b05 a81c 4772 b9a4 31c07117d880
240 points

The safe word is "404"

Preview 599a9832 a364 4894 98fd 09db38261cd3
203 points

The more you know!

Preview c5bd493d dfe2 4d68 8a0f c841ed2be403
205 points

Porn, I just want to watch the world burn.

Preview a71a1d55 d72d 4751 a0bf 12a221e5083c
147 points

Haters will say its photoshop

Preview 00e71a65 210c 4a7b b675 fdcf5fd52fc0
245 points

Pc master race

Preview ac2b957b 7b39 41fc a595 c817368bfc64
106 points

Hue hue hue

Preview 66166640 1c93 4ce4 abaf 2a1ad473d081
99 points

Answer of life.

Preview e24b7f42 da9b 44c0 a535 8df7a3f5e93a
150 points

Trust me, I'm an engineer

Preview 619176dc db39 4bc7 8881 9f8b4c8cc802
151 points

Fixed It

Preview 8d9ff8a4 9528 4ebb aae4 f6b70e936236
215 points

Every day before I logout

Preview 2c176add f3cd 4315 b20f 7bd50e51ea34
78 points

1 MB RAM. I could run this on a f*cking toaster

Preview 9133dd58 96e0 444b a0c4 ad30af966674
195 points

Adobe illustrator settings WTF?

Preview 4070e2f8 3e7a 45dc 8958 7e448472a15a
452 points

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