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The Organ Collector

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125 points

Tinder Nerd Date Prank

20 points

Luckily I didn't participate

Preview 9e257a64 2c52 4021 bfd5 f69789b25319
86 points

It's a Christmas miracle.

Preview 221a2c68 06ca 403c 8713 3912d0079cd3
97 points

For everyone who was single on Valentine’s Day

23 points

Mountain lions

Preview fcd6f581 99f4 4bd3 b653 3f2cda28cd63

Gotta catch em all!

Preview 01e103ea 3130 4218 bee3 897fb5c3f1f9
82 points

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Give You A Blow Job

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4,411 points

My kind of secret menu at a Cambodian firing range

Preview 225ac0ab f372 42ab b871 f8af51f4b5ac
66 points

First date locations pros and cons

Preview bf3fd692 c122 48e6 97b4 b71ac1b05d9e
85 points

TIL The international symbol for peace came from the semaphore for "N" & "D" as in nuclear disarmament.

Preview cb924095 3403 46e6 9e2f 18146734ebb0
122 points

This guy learned chinese in just 5 mins. click here to learn how!!!!

Preview 93fd41b9 f483 4746 bc14 4d533fcdad28
16 points

Entry denied

Preview 1e44b2bc ade0 4dc2 ab25 22a9906657e6
66 points

Well. That escalated quickly.

Preview 13ea4272 b0cb 45fa a444 4efb87ed4624
88 points

Learn Chinese in five minutes

Preview 605e6153 623c 4883 a3c9 a7513b3af8a1
71 points

Hollywood's favourite and least favourite

Preview d5e6ba07 3d3a 469b 8799 9cf70a2efe82

Mind. Blown.

Preview 653b3997 10e1 43bc 8f97 163f15c88d21
24 points

Please note this

Preview 2d75d92f 6f4d 4a32 a5bb 8548567befb0
22 points

Just in case u want to know

Preview 741b77f2 fba3 49c0 9e64 b75cafa3b6fe
112 points

I lol'd

Preview 103032da 7e99 4e15 9d6a 63d0d1521602
78 points

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