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"Game Of Thrones": The Prince That Was Promised


Shot this in Australia 3 years ago tell me what you think

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My Sister took this while battling a wildfire in Montana.

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F**k this place in particular.

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24 points

Alberta, Canada

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An unreal sunset in Gothenburg, Sweden

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The 82nd at Ft Bragg did it right!

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McDonalds new cup

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SO's mom tried taking a picture of two rainbows from her balcony, and got an extra dose of badassedness!

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Yo, I heard you like storm clouds!

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A lake, hiding in the forest after sunset.

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My time to post this

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When everyone else is excited about solar eclipse

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I took this pic last night at around 2am,it came out looking like a alien landscape concept

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Left my camp at 3am and drove to catch sunrise at this iconic southwest spot. Like something straight out of Toy Story

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Picture I took at a friends cottage , my attempt at a reflection picture

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I was lucky enough to photograph this weird sunset on my phone the other day. The last of the days light trapped inside a rainbow.

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20 points

Hold your wife's hand in the mall...

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22 points

The Black Church of Budir - One of my best photos

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