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They carry the sun in halves

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This truck driving past the sun

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Visited a relative. I quickly turned around when I saw their toilet...

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Glass sculpture wave.

Preview 63762560 dfc9 4b11 9eb0 c6f88e2cb82a
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Two surfers catching waves under the pier

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This enormous sand dunes is 🔥

Preview dbe87333 30e9 4a36 888f cf36740121ae
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Point King Residence - north facing cliff top bedroom on the PortSea Peninsular, Australia

Preview ad184da6 da52 4ab7 b0d2 f2363a8eda87
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17 Add me on snapchat Texasboy825 for more photography just like this.

Preview a9150f94 aea4 4c24 b1fe 37f4eb445af1

17 Add me on snapchat Texasboy825 for more photography just like this

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A cloud being sliced by an airplane.

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Perfect snapshot of a squirt of ketchup

Preview 553d9e57 1d95 40d1 922d faebbbfded7e

I work on the ship, and everyday I can see this beauty

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GF broke up. Spend my mony alone in norway. Best thing ever did!

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*Insert some inspirational BS quote*

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Pretty good coffe cup ay?

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