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First Time Riding an Airplane

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17 points

House goals

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8 points

Why and how

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70 points

A few friends sent a weather balloon up to 100k feet to photograph the eclipse over Oregon

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17 points

Why I hate our current apartment.

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17 points

Having Breakfast with my Human

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21 points

Neko's first time outside!

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13 points


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14 points

Undercover police....

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14 points


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101 points

Houston East of 45 off of Rayford and Sawdust...If anyone is near by and has a boat. Could you please let me know.

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15 points

I found this after a storm last year. It was swaying with the flow of the creek.

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86 points

Inside Irma's Eye

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13 points

The MA House located in Tepotzlan, Mexico.

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18 points

Yungas road, AKA Death road, in Bolivia

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Flew to Cabo for our wedding. TS Lidia showed up trashed.

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This giant duck just floats around Canada

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13 points

What the hell have y'all crazy ass humans done now?

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14 points

Highway to hell.

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1 points

You thought your hail storms were bad? This was just last year, this was a 10 minute hailstorm over a small village in the netherlands. You don't even know hail.

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