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Train Passes Through Residential Building in China

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17 points

Personal care is first

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10 points

Took a pic of my cat from outside my house with my phone.

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11 points

Amazing photo(Mount St. Helens eruption, 1980)

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14 points

Looks really cool...Wooden Boat Bridge in China

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19 points

People in Brazil just saved this stranded whale, after 24 hours on the sand!

Preview fef021d3 d2b9 4494 8a07 c224995d630e
20 points

Is this death metal?

Preview 2a28afc4 6433 4a57 bb04 e2c372dc74b9
17 points

International Space Station #Eclipse photobomb via @NASA

Preview 3d23d00a 729d 4e5e a522 a29dce6ac3c4
15 points

Good ghost

Preview 86cdbb68 4e09 49f8 8948 fd85d25cbb77
11 points

A swarm of breeding mosquitoes

Preview 3179bc4b 6d03 4f6a 8352 e407d5018228
6 points

I don't know about you guys but this scene along with the music gave me goosebumps. Pure awe! Haters gonna hate

Preview 114396aa 3415 4f82 bc77 d027649d3068
13 points

Crazy cloud formation. Alberta, Canada

Preview 0c538d99 4a60 4dc9 8802 ec1623467114
8 points

Wtf moment on my way home.

Preview 4a75dca7 2c74 46de bc7d 6d2609ba82da
10 points

Can someone explain this one to me?

Preview cd1a3c4e f373 48c7 bd86 4fd7dd151921
13 points

Maple Ridge in Japan

Preview 90007929 0766 4687 9e1a d5b4265479ba
12 points

Can someone explain this one to me?

Preview 7b3326a4 7b07 4d72 a86a a4db6e5cf718
14 points

That's a long way down

Preview 3e4fb2d1 b768 45b3 8757 8def70faa978

NO! Not a litterbox!

Preview bdbfd730 3d8a 4ab7 80ce aa5b0065cac2

Finished with this season rice crop - My Village.

Preview db41f01a 42bd 4a79 b0d1 dd9ce666ba8b
12 points

It looks like Superbad is happening across the street.

Preview 6266f22c 3dfa 455b a365 934ce9040230
18 points

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