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Kill me!!!!

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47 points
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76 points

Explain this please !?

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113 points

I would never leave.

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160 points

Finally I found it!

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136 points

Hammer Time!

Preview 6c75d3fb ecb9 4264 948f 7bf096091cde
185 points

Somebody picked a terrible night to leave their windows down...

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110 points

This is MOSES

Preview 09481072 9c07 4f17 9680 1498471aa607
110 points

Caption this

Preview bd0272f9 bf4c 4d9f a036 88dc06a82c4b
105 points

My school got damaged by An earthquake A week ago but don't worry I fixed it

Preview f027f6d6 e427 45f8 81be 7c5a900f9065
98 points

Anybody know what happen to this OP ? im curious...

Preview 91846f19 5d18 4b1e bf92 9c87d0192ca3
100 points

I think this kittens are about to commit a crime

Preview df2f70d7 2534 4591 9bdf 969c05a187e8
173 points

Excuse me scientists, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and saviour, SkaĆ°i, Norse Goddess of winter?

Preview 30b8d294 44bb 43bf a442 1c13329cffe6
116 points

Did someone say Penguin?

Preview 279f33e6 d20a 4941 a433 75babe5e62a9
128 points

Nailed it

Preview 889d2cc0 b820 4e5d b8e2 3f14ea90d253
220 points

There was some flooding in my area this week. That didn't stop this school bus driver though.

Preview 62a1f8c8 2fd0 4b84 bfb1 903693b3be9b
149 points

When you reach the end of the map

Preview d88d8601 fd8b 4828 96a7 7a90d8ffcb7e
149 points

Happy birthday Jana! Only in the Netherlands...

Preview 2d5bc733 4c69 4637 8144 7689ad319a78
234 points

Meanwhile in Chile.

Preview 043d7ce1 64a1 4c18 a753 9bd9e316cedd
163 points

We asked the guide for our bicycle tour if he could go off the curb

Preview ad26c8eb 3082 4238 a661 8fb293d878f4
154 points

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