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Old Styled Interior Design with Fireplace

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20 points

This review swayed our decision to buy this tent.

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176 points

Definitely worth it.

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171 points

This bar’s “dress code”

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125 points

An interesting title

Preview eacfe014 7376 45e3 ac35 f2e507abc107
135 points

Restaurant ain't taking no shit

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120 points

1 upvote 1 prayer

Preview 7b0e0862 194f 4c3b affe 59b98f798de9
142 points

Felt something crawling on my hand so I squeezed my hand shut, turned the light on to find this...

Preview 0077e5ca 9391 4220 a0c3 4a1bab65029b
97 points

Why men shouldn't write advice columns

Preview 100c2ecd 92a7 4a8b 91f8 91b3699769fe
76 points

Humorous Antisocial Tattoo

Preview ff1c2ed8 53c0 4229 b532 85759750f551
105 points

Help me with a prank!

Preview 41e204a7 512e 48dc 8aee 81a59c122b90
113 points

This sign

Preview ddb68216 6e91 4db6 9660 704ea3892647
107 points

Sometimes this show understands you

Preview 23778ded 09de 4363 8893 9e9a4871d214
101 points

Welcome to earth Mr. Alien.

Preview 4c84d24c d0fb 46a9 9928 fe35916a4882
117 points

Thanks for the morning view bro 😑

Preview 8d16ff14 a23d 4d04 8920 95b64ff18647

Hard Not To Think It After Seeing It

Preview 93b0a526 43f2 484e a353 2865c37658b2
92 points

Hate political, but found this hilarious!

Preview f5b58989 8dbc 49fe ab6f eaec0cdba4b2
106 points

Student or average JoeBlow/JaneDoe with a boring white living room? Well, look what just a few coordinated pillows, cheap posters and a bit of coloured plastic can do

Preview 4ea5d1a3 aa35 432f 8751 4c71bba1ace2
64 points

Not A Big Fan.

Preview 30bfe22e 05f6 4d3a a1f9 829529fa17f3
77 points

We should never have let the French make our new passports

Preview 6370825a 67aa 423d b691 bac53aa17f44
114 points

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