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My boyfriend was too short to reach the top...

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89 points

Blockbuster Aren't Football Fans

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95 points

He Knows When You Are Sleeping...

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72 points

Incredible modern living area -- location unknown :(

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53 points

This is how I protected my Christmas trees from asshole cats and dogs.

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78 points

Sharing is caring.

Preview 9b435f5a 2088 486c 91eb 4056215a104c
91 points

I bet it is Paul’s, then.

Preview 166453e3 a4a7 475f 93e3 04d942bffeb8
82 points

Pluto isn't a planet **TRIGGERED**

Preview 9b329b8a 34dd 4c4c 95ac 16a885e4414e
69 points

Searched for yoga poses. Was not dissappointed.

Preview e567dd31 ef4f 4b1c b4fd 7f95a1602e0d
68 points

See you next time on quintuple D

Preview 2543d942 a72f 4853 9b11 49654b63e288
62 points


Preview c39e9d5d 3131 49d6 a174 5c8c1be4f8c5
88 points

Education is the most important gift of all

Preview b1b4f958 6316 4781 a60d 51aa6e05fc28
64 points

"That's gotta be at least 12"

Preview d80084a4 f524 49b4 b1a2 874db5b73f53
99 points

Hide from the police.

Preview 8725fe3e 54ea 41fe 9d8c 02741e8c27d2
98 points

Whistler; Vancouver, Canada; peak to peak

Preview 73cd2320 d205 406d 856a 3b6d2f2f3287

Bryce Harper Cupping

Preview fb7be74f 1c77 4903 b831 673ab0654244
86 points

All that matters is that I find myself funny

Preview 8fae2a16 9c2b 4673 bd27 aa44c84e4747
106 points

Wholesome Beetles

Preview b2ba4c78 01ba 4041 ad1f 26fe4e90a309
122 points

An exam question at the Indian statistical institute

Preview 506a9696 2b3d 4c2d b355 6204309d3d7c
87 points

Coincidence? I Think Not!

Preview 633e7650 4359 4114 becd 4d5eb1e5e0d3
93 points

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