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I made dis

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24 points

Flying bee colored penises

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14 points

Hump Nails

Preview e8800a4f bdf5 4716 badc a3b33e44d3bd
67 points

That's art

Preview ffd30c59 814b 46f2 8e6b cce631902f18
14 points

A 3D rendering of an actual "curb stomped" homeless man from Friday night.

Preview cabbfa60 06bf 4bd7 809b 6e5277929958
14 points

When your wife is crafty but hates people.

Preview f4f94f10 924d 49c8 b813 bfa5caff1ef4
17 points

Carved coconut shell

Preview 68a70ddb 4c67 4e93 a195 1c7af52af185
15 points

Beach rocks

Preview c43faf55 22d6 4c29 92e9 abc12b6a5e1d
22 points

What nice ink and figure

Preview 7ae4ddaf 7783 4b80 b897 116e10697c1b
16 points

Merry Xmas

Preview 9a22c6f7 8d70 4781 8602 d06761f07332

"I have a friend who could do it for cheaper"

Preview 3f36a3e3 34ba 471c b34e 6ae158b85955
20 points

Primary school teacher illustrates funny conversations of everyday life in the classroom in comics

Preview 4572ced3 d245 4355 b70b 9d0e11c2ba89
34 points


Preview 38c46e2e 76e5 499f aa26 f1a9f6e5fd09
2 points

Enough said

Preview c2792c5a f0bf 4cf7 98f6 7a18af63e132

Took me 3 months... What do you guys Think?

Preview abf44bfa 8926 4087 b5dd fa9e4ae34156

I think the picture is fairly self-explanatory

Preview 6d170690 1687 4b5c 983a 0624405dc14b

6 Generations. One epic story. And sick paint skills!

Preview 944fb19e 12d9 4ba3 a1a5 77665443a2b8

Beach rocks

Preview d58cfb40 d2c0 4cab a36b 6b11985706e7
12 points

Welded Celtic knot

Preview 57195d05 8a2c 4298 aab3 c079df3ea9be
19 points

Before and after pics of a woman who underwent 8hrs of facial reconstructive surgery following a traumatic car accident

Preview fc2d0f18 5a32 45f1 86a6 0b56cb56428c
127 points

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