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Thanks for the morning view bro 😑

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Hard Not To Think It After Seeing It

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82 points

Hate political, but found this hilarious!

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Student or average JoeBlow/JaneDoe with a boring white living room? Well, look what just a few coordinated pillows, cheap posters and a bit of coloured plastic can do

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20 points

Not A Big Fan.

Preview 30bfe22e 05f6 4d3a a1f9 829529fa17f3
65 points

We should never have let the French make our new passports

Preview 6370825a 67aa 423d b691 bac53aa17f44
103 points

😂 I love the internet

Preview d0097a28 c852 49b5 a053 c3434e232e45
76 points

I made a man-size puppet of siamese twins

Preview 3dc8a0cb b4d1 40f3 8417 9e9a9e0f74a7
69 points

We all know an exaggerator

Preview 1c0e80c9 12e8 4bc5 b4ba baef6cd8b50a
65 points

The tattoo artist and this guy they should never drive a car.

Preview 89a1e5b8 79fa 4245 a6c2 2de533e293e4
77 points

A voice for the people

Preview d20004fe 5082 4a61 b693 425b600b2e22
64 points

3 different kinds of pet owners

Preview 3568668c 8beb 4436 a6c3 e2d58e8bcfd8
114 points

I found this absolute legend in a tattoo look book today

Preview bd75c51a e9ff 45ec a90c 05964115207b
101 points

I knew it

Preview 25cde032 9a5e 449f b203 ab257f1cdebe
72 points

My daughter drew this during a boring class today...

Preview 21301628 b650 4459 a2a9 b5d02fc7eaec
89 points

Dear Abby,

Preview 2d7279ac 302e 4dd7 825d ddaf3e67f177
54 points

So meowch truth

Preview 9d15d176 e911 4709 9476 234dc5f151b9
57 points


Preview e1a78254 6355 46a8 8ed2 3ca5c6f7312a
24 points

I present you guys Pepekachu.

Preview 137d772f 1454 4f0b 8e4d 0dc60275b4e4
72 points

Cozy Trendy Teen Bedroom

Preview a7e184ce bc04 4072 95b9 183c8094d0d6
59 points

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