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8 Strange Little-Known Unsolved Mysteries

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Just saw this on r/casualiama and I am blown away. WTF.

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7 of the Deadliest Cults that Ended in Tragedy

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19 points

Only in America!

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A Throne Fit For A King

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A Mall Display

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Btw I think Rihanna is overrated

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Our new tree topper.

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Has been destroying tree all day.

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Umm... I’ll just wait until I get home

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The dangling sleeves on this T-Rex Christmas sweater

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Its the most wonderful time of the year

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I went on a factory tour and needed to the “gentleman’s” washroom. This is what I found.

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The Christmas tree proved to be a little much for Rosie

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Got me a new poster ;)

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Fite me !

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I introduce you the one and only ...

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