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European version of Florida guy

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69 points

Living in an apartment

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Definitely 100

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84 points

A Special Birthday

Preview bc01828a 5f2b 4d3a b072 2c711c52edb6

My Man Jared

Preview e9f21fb1 7992 4b02 9cf5 9d3fe0f05e29

Probably the best end user licensing agreement ever!!!

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24 points

What is seen cannot be unseen

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44 points


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My mom is adorable

Preview d3dcc2a0 a6a5 4e8f b45b 060f919d452a

Dear customers

Preview e43266f8 98cd 4569 b475 a9b3d3007b1b
36 points

Was visiting a Scottish Castle when suddenly ...

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Cab ride home

Preview 797cabdd 5eb4 4539 83fa e35c5f6d755a

Little Johnny

Preview c9c8dc91 2ca5 45f5 af4c 275fc248c073
73 points

This comment

Preview 428f1976 7c3c 4fbf bd7c 0261b6ce2e2e

Tornado Safety: DOs and DON'Ts

Preview f7f62da8 f3fa 4048 86d5 9c3f06f30107
24 points

The Modern Family

Preview 8c80f669 3ab5 4d31 a048 d5ac4b01c46e

Meeting the reason for your divorce aka „Hi, I’m the guy your wife cheated with you and you were divorced. But I’m sorry for you“

Preview 96f46405 c37d 4a51 bce5 6fe1bbe5b081

The era of waterproof is upon us

Preview e8982854 13fc 48c1 a298 b0ce31afad24

Imagine clueing his buttcheeks together

Preview 4cc02cb1 44d1 482b b5f6 af94ea0db063
45 points

Surprising Effects Of Vaccines

Preview 1d32ad2d 51eb 4e77 962b 4189b0d49d0d

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