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When People Say You Can't Draw But Your Drawings Are Incredibly Realistic

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Hello there!

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A bambi

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Deer neighbors

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Mean Slow


I'm a beginner photographer in France and here is my first photo with the king of the forest. I was very lucky that day !

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Found out what's been eating my apple trees... Jerks.


House Baratheon

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If you're having a bad day

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A Rare White Reindeer found in Malå - Sweden.

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Is it a dog? Is it a deer?

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Dog Getting Chased by a Young Deer


Plane makes a milkshake upon landing


Deer enjoys an apple

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245 points

Sleigh Hoof

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134 points

the most canandian mutherfucker

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Preview be61eb34 71c3 4147 93b1 cfa75df91590
100 points

10 more days to go

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Rudolf the savage

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