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Aussie’s dogs ain’t vegans bois!

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they were actually just having a run, just some good timing on the shot

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Time for this week's Wednesday

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While feeding the deer at my grandmom's house, we noticed that one of them was punching one of the others.

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Oh Dear, that's some trophy!

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Quit while you're ahead

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In photography, timing is everything.

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This owl

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Buck got stuck in a fence and coyotes took care of the rest

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This deer my stepdad captured on his camera

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I wonder which elk won?

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Its a unicorn

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I must admit, that is one of the best comments I've ever seen.

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Dog logic: Go to window and stand on the table barking to get inside rather then the door.

Preview 3de34e24 1a97 4c03 aec3 569efd6939ba

Extreme rare occasions!

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This obese deer.

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These little guys are all over campus

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I'm an photographer amateur from France (Rouen) And here is one of my favorite photos, taken on my birthday ! My best gift !

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Elk eating its own shed 'velvet', the vascular skin covering the antlers

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76 points

Puppy vs. Bees.

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