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I'm an photographer amateur from France (Rouen) And here is one of my favorite photos, taken on my birthday ! My best gift !

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48 points

Elk eating its own shed 'velvet', the vascular skin covering the antlers

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20 points

Puppy vs. Bees.

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23 points

Albino Moose

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17 points

Damn you, Doreen

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20 points

V happ woodland pupper eats a delishus apple

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19 points

Just animal stuff

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Top marks to the deer on the right for a magnificent set of antlers

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3 points

Albino Deer

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14 points

When People Say You Can't Draw But Your Drawings Are Incredibly Realistic

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13 points

Hello there!

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62 points

A bambi

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10 points

Deer neighbors

Preview 777cdffe bb8a 4f60 9af7 16ea5db9a7d0
4 points

Mean Slow


I'm a beginner photographer in France and here is my first photo with the king of the forest. I was very lucky that day !

Preview 7d347b73 6d8c 4943 ad10 b605edbf585a
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Found out what's been eating my apple trees... Jerks.


House Baratheon

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15 points

If you're having a bad day

Preview 7cb1716a a9d4 4228 a96a b1250e440cba

A Rare White Reindeer found in Malå - Sweden.

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