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European version of Florida guy

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57 points

Living in an apartment

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Definitely 100

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82 points

The Knowledge of a Parent

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This textbook uses donuts to explain social media.

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60 points

Rebooting is always a way out

Preview be943e2c a520 4c20 a2f4 a1432e9b3e0e
39 points

Hunter’s S. Thompson’s daily booze and drugs routine

Preview ad27e259 4b45 47c7 b039 f4dcfce59f29
18 points

Food for thought

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19 points


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23 points


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Interesting individual

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42 points

Exercise for people over 60

Preview 2229e65f 1697 40d6 b650 30afea72b92e

im fucking done nigga lol

Preview 4f3de31c b945 4cb0 8708 516269e7c726

I am a person that likes to win so it'd be easy to fool me into this... too bad I know what it means now

Preview e7e18c49 49af 4295 b56f d7db7bd15fdc
64 points

A Special Birthday

Preview bc01828a 5f2b 4d3a b072 2c711c52edb6

I Really Did Not Want To Fit This

Preview 78d60395 ac9f 44f6 b9ea 2dee65c90e01
22 points

Sounds much cooler now.

Preview 41093466 449d 44a9 8ef4 5c98afd4f819

People on the Internet never cease to amaze me

Preview d6a697e2 9bcd 4b91 9fec a41adb565c40
15 points

My Man Jared

Preview e9f21fb1 7992 4b02 9cf5 9d3fe0f05e29

Can any finns confirm?

Preview 38e3e00f 585d 4165 87e7 52bda3c94a5d
17 points

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