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Try it again!!!

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LPT- eating a hard taco over a soft tortilla shell nets you a second taco absolutely free. You're welcome world.

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14 points

Marbled meat.

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15 points

It's a thing now

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13 points

Just take the green of or eat it, you aint gonna die

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14 points

A barbecue cupcake?

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12 points

This just hurts...

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14 points

Italians will relate

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2 points

Saw your vegan post raise you a 4x4

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Mods are asleep, upvote mom's spaghetti!

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I got some mini pumpkins to pass out for Halloween.

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13 points

My hot Pocket tastes weird

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15 points

Well damn

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16 points

These strawberries

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101 points

When your gingerbread house fails...add dinosaur.

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15 points

This peach tasted great until...

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15 points

One of my buddies is traveling in foreign lands and unknowingly ordered a potato with a side of potatoes.

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13 points

Good point there

Preview e38d1ff6 ae7a 4ada 8af5 a3665a447da2
13 points

Sedimentary cake

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9 points

Nothing beats a chicken parmigiana at a country pub

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