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What in God’s name....

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Just one of the many interesting menu items here at the Calgary Stampede this year. Cricket Grilled Cheese.

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105 points

Poor Kid.

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So I ordered a lettuce burger thinking it would come on two PIECES of lettuce..

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Coca-cola Brand Strawberry.

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Made myself a penutbutter yelly sandwitch

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85 points

Gummy bear genetics

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Do you have the guts to try Coconut worm in Thai fish sauce? 🤢🤢

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This was in my stir fry, luckily I hadn't started eating yet.

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What I Learned from Cooking Shoes

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This is Love!

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Palms are sweaty

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“Real smooth guys. Real smooth”

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67 points

“Lick Your Wounds Candy”

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114 points

My mouth is foaming

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Larry the Cable Guy Mac and Cheese

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80 points

Low carb and gluten free salad!

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75 points

Where we're going we don't need roads

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