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Big winged goth gf

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179 points

The universe thanks you YouTube.

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98 points

I cracked up

Preview 6aff79a8 befb 41d2 addb 2966989189a5
161 points

How to draw: a rose

Preview 2d62801d 89ca 4f1e 8ee7 597f2da24f1f
95 points

OC text prank actually fooled the guy

Preview 054dc25e 5df3 48a6 9755 6ef5b47084b6
139 points

Someone just send me this.

Preview 25b5a4d7 8d4c 4505 bd33 57a74b411523
114 points

720p vs 1080p vs 1080i vs 4K

Preview 25180176 c003 4482 a00b 4241a1ca940e
203 points


Preview 8f39c915 8912 46d1 b026 737ac629c37f
105 points

I love reading prison reviews on Google when I'm bored

Preview fd0b1b6d 5f8f 462a a465 ac1b43c60dbb
103 points

Wait a minute

Preview c4fc1f5d 0b6f 4a05 88fe 9626931a143e
112 points

Strictly professional data

Preview 5c788ac0 3389 4684 89c1 c371af94de83
91 points

Who sphynx this will work?

Preview dc5e7145 a368 4479 9610 870fc032f37b
85 points

TV Channels

Preview 9d2e5e38 eec3 4f6a 9213 e78686a3e2cc
99 points

This awesome pair of names on my flight’s upgrade list

Preview 04087415 da3f 4f4c 94fd e206df99ee80
119 points


Preview 93cb43f6 ca00 40a4 8c8c 268850cd256a
116 points

Police Department Google Review

Preview e1375113 6382 4b89 b7e8 cc0442d099aa
128 points

Her experience was aweful.

Preview c37c8505 83c8 4b41 b3f1 d39f2051e887
133 points

Was at my parents house making maple syrup all week. Result was 11 quarts...

Preview fbac77b2 b0b7 4736 8b99 ac8ca9c3eba1
94 points

Weight loss plans.. and happy hats!

Preview fe804a00 2b84 4847 af24 d14a607e28f3
91 points

Y'all gonna make me post a graph

Preview 0e35039b c9cb 43d3 83d5 f4623857ee2e
114 points

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