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Who knew that yoga could be terrifying?

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Just scrambling up some rocks to walk across a line.

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School trip yay!

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they look like they're posing for a 90's rap cover

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72 points

First color image of Mars

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120 points

This enormous sand dunes is 🔥

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57 points

Bus crash in Utah

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41 points

Carl is Dumb

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100 points

The most Australian out of service tag

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54 points

The oldest joke in the world.

Preview 971e6c82 f27a 4df7 aae9 8bc5b48db5be
67 points

Anyone missing their dreads? I found them in Utah...

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46 points

So all this time... I’ve been mistaken as a raccoon darn hoomannn

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60 points

Mars Rover = $800 Million; Team to Operate = $1 Billion; Drawing a Dong on The Surface of Another Planet = Priceless.

Preview fc1047e8 d13d 4d2e a927 2c85328b76dd
102 points

Look closer.

Preview bc55cb05 7310 4b64 aebd 4d5120eee726
91 points

Sweaty palms in the Grand Canyon

Preview 891f080a 4f83 4c37 b681 79bf39b1115e

Snow in Estonia right now

Preview 2ebcc1d2 371c 4d51 b3d3 34c8f181e7b7

Free solo climber in Joshua Tree, CA

Preview 3c1a1adc 0229 4a41 92f9 32f967fb3ce1

People in 2017 be like " The Simpsons predicted it"

Preview 010da292 a6af 40c8 a56a 9eacc83b0dbc
109 points

Loud sneeze prank in Dubai! 😂🙌🏻

13 points

My office view today

Preview 97d49f3e 2b56 4828 bf76 1b84eba3d238
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