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I’m disappointed, King James.

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123 points

The universe thanks you YouTube.

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75 points

The ultimate comback

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167 points

Petition - Skull Guy, The Apathetic Skeleton

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126 points

love my friend

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139 points

Dude didn't show up for marching band, got a joke instead

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203 points


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142 points

Unsaved Work

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I took drunk texting my ex to a new level ‘I legit love you like you know how when someone is dead’ 🤦🏽‍♀️

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166 points


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185 points

This review swayed our decision to buy this tent.

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176 points

Weekend Plans

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134 points

I might be the JUSTNO here, but it was funny as hell. Made my SIL cry though :(

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192 points

Definitely worth it.

Preview 2f5ae641 802d 4147 8b55 e58a75bddfda
171 points

Messing with my friend.

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178 points

This is a post from some crypto currency mining website. Support service is full of good answers.

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125 points

More or less perfect placement but its ok

Preview dcbe324c dbfd 4841 8407 2ad535317ebe
146 points

This bar’s “dress code”

Preview a076c23f 25be 4540 b1df 708f2b1fffdb
125 points

An interesting title

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135 points

Late Bird

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