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Same time next week

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Who needs pepper spray when it's totally allowed to carry ninja knives everywhere?

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Mind blown

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Great Hacker!!! #Respect

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Black is the colour of my soul

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Oh god

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The Art Of 'Alts' In "Rick And Morty" Is Hilarious!


Well he is trying his best..

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Nice view

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Batman kissing batman in front of a sunset

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Which element/nation would you choose?

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Jeff has no chill

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1. read 2. save 3. never look at it again

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Copying off the smart kid.

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"Rick And Morty Design Sneak Peek: Wasteland" Is Bringing You Apocalyptic Design And Kinky Fashions


Truly hurts.

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I work for a medical device company and our humor is shown here

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I'm not sure, but I think I would take the price for today

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Floral Arrangements

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