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Living in an apartment

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It's just a wank, bro

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Definitely 100

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18 points

Nothing weird

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The truest thing on the internet

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13 points

Cheap tanning place

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23 points

Art in the swedish subway.

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65 points

Pinhole viewer really does work!

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67 points

Smoke formed a perfect 2

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When you're home for Christmas and it's time for your parents' annual computer maintenance

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71 points

Reasons I update software

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56 points

This guy just might be a genius! Says he will sell one post when he reaches 5M followers...I don’t believe him!

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Snek came inside, I don’t know why, but 3 little kitties just helped snek die.

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This is a sticker for a Boosted Board that I got for my son for Christmas. He opened it upside down and said “hey cool, a koala with a turban!”

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19 points


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A solid advice on how to pay a $4 fee.

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A little fishy..

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50 points

2 AM scene

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Mum said no

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33 points


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