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Tall spacious living room in a renovated apartment which added a pool that is visible through thick glass panels, Vila Nova Conceição, South Zone, São Paulo, Brazil

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23 points

The end of the world

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79 points

Simple math

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90 points

Woman lol

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59 points

Violets are tender

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88 points

Indian Yearbook.

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64 points

We the forgotten lol

Preview c879bc3f 84c8 4d3f 99c1 e27589a45adf
71 points

That’s that I guess

Preview 61ed5266 dddf 41be 9a64 3ac3c784a141
105 points

Room with Stainless Steel Slide

Preview 2ffe9825 2e43 4fc5 b73b 047e888d4e53
82 points

My dog when someone knocks on my door

Preview f798d5a1 daf7 4ca2 b61a 870c1300eb10
97 points

Looks like Timmy is worm food.

Preview 1eb763d9 ac6c 4438 8a5f 5e7061a42034
112 points

Can you guess why she’s banned from this room?

Preview 13d7088f 08b9 4bf7 a55c 5a45faf951db

Her new favorite place to rest

Preview a7839699 508b 4717 88dc 999af31d2a7d

Gaming on a Mac

Preview 64e757d3 379c 484c b3c7 4e1e32693414

Help! where should I hang this new gem!

Preview 04c03ad3 1c1b 4137 9651 b91321a511e8
59 points

I never notice him

Preview ee6994bd 48bd 4940 bbb2 ec871588e082
45 points

When your prof is feeling savage

Preview e28325f4 73c1 496c ada6 675c4411eb01
95 points

Ray Romano in the Big Sick summing up why I try to avoid the internet

Preview 13c77401 b1dd 4dcd 989e 418aacae38f3
91 points

Be the education oriented okay

Preview e19d00ef f501 4d85 ae0a d623b1c4fe0a
47 points

Just a regular day at the office.

Preview e3a5c98a 6af8 4009 ab62 0fce78066f8a
102 points

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