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The world isn't quite ready for Apple's wireless vision

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14 points

Cubicle boss

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15 points

Employees of big companies will understand!

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16 points

Nice meal with the grandparents!

Preview 7562cffc 9966 4660 a5fd 91e232bd4cf1
1 points

When programming twists you!

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16 points

So are you gonna eat that or nah

Preview f43abfe7 ef3c 4900 a1e0 bc08f4a1c4f9
12 points

A dank meme per day keeps the doctor away

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4 points

Just because someone repainted only half this desk.

Preview 9f0d2e1f fe63 40c8 abdf e6ffabc62317
2 points

I became an uncle 2 months ago. Here's my brother trying his very hardest at parenting.

Preview 6aeee365 b69b 49f4 9157 4cba285fea8c
8 points

Shame overtook him

Preview 48997c0f 84d1 4f95 91ac da09abc6b41c
1 points

Dropped a can of soda and it landed like this... What now?

Preview 3070379c b5ef 448c 87be ec057198406c
1 points

This Kid Replaced The Wallpaper On EVERY Cellphone In This Store With His Selfies

Preview 7ab5f5a6 5a4e 475b b794 0472c30817af
23 points

I did something wrong..I'm still broke af

Preview 9a5be8bf b407 4787 9383 3a2e8d50f49c
68 points

Never forgetti mom's spaghetti.

Preview 14e0fe2d 2802 42e3 b795 6d911971189c
63 points

I made dis

Preview 5b455bfe e07d 4092 ad81 2fdcf5db6bcd
3 points

If I was there, I would hug her and thank her for the best childhood I have ever had

Preview cd953e4f 8e18 430f 909c 37a8598289c2
20 points

Best line of the show

Preview 5b8794e8 b998 4dcd a93d f24fc5125b44
6 points

Describe your habit

Preview aa123653 24ce 4f79 9622 c9e271977bbe
95 points

This is borking 101 and im your pawfessor

Preview d48be60f 6aab 4b2c 80eb ad8416db81eb
3 points

Saudis be like

Preview c51eb17d 8401 4932 a55c 37a6267def54
18 points

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