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That’s that I guess

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87 points

Room with Stainless Steel Slide

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77 points

My dog when someone knocks on my door

Preview f798d5a1 daf7 4ca2 b61a 870c1300eb10
82 points

Looks like Timmy is worm food.

Preview 1eb763d9 ac6c 4438 8a5f 5e7061a42034
107 points

Can you guess why she’s banned from this room?

Preview 13d7088f 08b9 4bf7 a55c 5a45faf951db

Her new favorite place to rest

Preview a7839699 508b 4717 88dc 999af31d2a7d

Gaming on a Mac

Preview 64e757d3 379c 484c b3c7 4e1e32693414

Help! where should I hang this new gem!

Preview 04c03ad3 1c1b 4137 9651 b91321a511e8
55 points

I never notice him

Preview ee6994bd 48bd 4940 bbb2 ec871588e082
39 points

When your prof is feeling savage

Preview e28325f4 73c1 496c ada6 675c4411eb01
69 points

Ray Romano in the Big Sick summing up why I try to avoid the internet

Preview 13c77401 b1dd 4dcd 989e 418aacae38f3
70 points

Be the education oriented okay

Preview e19d00ef f501 4d85 ae0a d623b1c4fe0a
24 points

Just a regular day at the office.

Preview e3a5c98a 6af8 4009 ab62 0fce78066f8a
60 points

Just a normal day on school

Preview 675d6aee c63e 4ec7 8dfe 682fc74ca8a3
65 points

Im providing dead memes you're welcome

Preview 99c5e791 251c 49a7 bca6 bd0f569a1f9b
17 points

Nope, I definently didn't want to sit there

Preview e7a937ff 32f5 4483 9ae2 08452f40de22

me on most days

Preview ed1869fd 862b 4697 b7f4 275144dd6f19
24 points

Girl in my program has the most attractive study space

Preview 3bd8e5b0 eb28 4dff b68d c3471d58c5aa
241 points


Preview a42b0dc9 4771 4606 8e7d 89876b85e3f0
22 points

Hate it when people don't listen to my stories

Preview 6d634fb9 d3be 4571 9c83 c3a2b540d382
23 points

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