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Someone messed with my keyboard

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119 points

don’t do it...

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Hello ;)

Preview e81165c2 abfb 4293 a8a4 7649c16c3d75
92 points

My cat went inside organs.

Preview 0ed7d926 6a06 422c 9b6c 6ed775020854

I bought a roll of these. Day 1 of 500.

Preview b91efff9 1db0 49ef 8fb4 053f4ee7e1a8
185 points

The most dad thing my dad has ever done.

Preview 2624c2a5 272a 47bf a5a5 51dda3b9892b
161 points

What I Learned in Elementary School 101: Don't Wear a Green Shirt on Picture Day

Preview e17d2b92 1245 45ed bb1b 740ef92493f7
128 points

Walking a dog

Preview 3254d5f7 e6a3 4e33 bf9d 532c8ca56b0f
154 points

PurrfectTiming.. Cat going down

Preview 0ce2f061 9787 4dc1 b612 52318a5235c0
126 points


Preview 327addc5 1d94 4d75 89d0 521704a0e98d
96 points

It's My Life. Lets Sing together

Preview 62fc43d8 b7ee 4ba2 9ddd f53d14ef6def
235 points

A compilation of my cat Bella being a jerk. I call her my sass cat and I’m pretty sure we’re soulmates <3

Preview 264e4c7e 02a0 4726 8f79 88b0567b864d

When your HOA won’t let you put a pool in your yard!

Preview c2675957 371d 4696 b8e5 e7cb66b629ce
167 points

My psycho girlfriend uses a timer to wake up instead of an alarm

Preview 5b369b69 d37f 478a 9bce aadf5bfb53e1
155 points

WHAT THE... oh

Preview 5eb8d019 b772 4c36 bd2b 8962ebac6bfc
137 points

This is the guitar pick I use to play quarter notes

Preview 04899ffe e6b9 45c5 9856 30071b26c740
131 points

My cockatiel refusing to take a photo and biting the camera.

Preview 47aac4f5 147b 4a34 82ba d0d798e141b8

Too good to be true

Preview 6d66e43e 8b32 4102 b61b deec5572dbf9
149 points

Respect my authority

Preview ca1f3a6f 8a96 4b37 966a 82075ca4daf5
127 points

Book cat says nope. Not tonight.

Preview 9b1ca743 0554 45e3 bffc 7159e7b60c09

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