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Picked my parents up at the airport last night after a vacation in Hawaii. They bought a new Christmas ornament for their trip.

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Finally compiled pictures from all the fun road trips my wife and I take!

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There was a popular fad in the 1920s called flagpole sitting where you would - well, sit on flagpoles for multiple days

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God has a sense of humor at least

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Always wear a helmet.

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I've seen some weird license plates before, but this is mystifying

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They never told me the way how should I sit

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Sticker shock

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I go to a catholic school

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What could go wrong if I just leave it up?

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I was adopted!!! Why...

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Hans Hermann being thrown clear from his car during the German Grand Prix in Berlin - August 2, 1959

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New year, same me

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When any form of physical activity is completely against your core beliefs.

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I'm Mr Meeseeks

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Our dog thinks he is getting back at UPS man by tearing the box apart.

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The early 00's were a simpler time.

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