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The cafe where I work got broken into. The thief was greeted by this note I left inside the register.

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19 points

God damn possum eating my melon

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This passive aggressive car sticker...

Preview d4a737fe bdaa 43aa 9433 c0dfac856d8a
16 points

When you park like an asshole.

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45 points

Water tank pig

Preview 1f97d7eb 477d 48e0 b1a9 7c1e6c43cc97
48 points

safety first!

Preview bc1500d1 6eca 4af9 bc10 4cc91ad08239
19 points

I stood up out on my balcony and watched my phone tumble from my lap. This is how it miraculously landed.

Preview eb5264f7 cd79 4ba3 b2a2 efd21e00e0ab

When the dentist screws you

Preview eef2dffe 533e 4921 95ea 6e8efa410561
56 points

Chainsmokers in a nutshell

Preview 05df842d 619f 4ef0 85ac 77726920f0b0
42 points

My cats are apparently horrified at my staggering amount of credit card debt. Poor little guy in the back almost threw up.

Preview d2e33bad d5fb 438b 8516 6a01e886cfc4
45 points

Found this gem while helping a friend move.

Preview ed1e5bdd 1431 465f 8f30 4bdbe343d015
81 points

These chairs at McDonalds

Preview 3a1ab8ba 028e 40fe 80d5 4003f5968644
68 points

I accidentally made a butthole cake.

Preview 87fa876f c592 4a67 bac0 aac8edba4d1c
50 points

No thanks, I don't think I'm in the mood for that right now..

Preview c20130d3 3ec0 4cc2 bb47 0623d0063fe0
83 points

Unsafe wiring

Preview a98bb55d 24a9 4b90 8d4e 811775226675
84 points

Firing a musket

Preview 1eb08187 f640 4795 989b 969b7a8902da

Libraries always surprise me.

Preview 5d940b7c 04b1 4c63 85a3 c8dfc648c2eb
90 points

After years of searching, I have found it!

Preview c6188b7a 1240 4d0c a3ed fd518261535f
102 points

Just got a new printer at work, didn’t want to let the opportunity pass me by...

Preview f16ee0cc beef 4b8f b3ce b84a9984afb1
84 points

Expectations Vs Reality

Preview 8a2c5fee beef 4165 b0fa 176da2913ebc

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