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My neighbor has this doormat, I think it is my responsibility to mess with them by making a planchette and changing the letter daily, and wonder if they notice!

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20 points

Tell me where your f**king boss is!! Or you're gonna die... in five minutes!!

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23 points

Feels like Monday

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24 points

Literal Bat Phone.

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24 points

This music gave me chills for the first time and did it again

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Rustic Gentlemen’s Croft in Greece.

Preview d59b2243 4679 47e8 9bbf 6b56065cf61c
21 points

They miss every time

Preview ba2f98f4 4cf6 406b a226 b2fe034968cf

Don’t you just hate it.

Preview daafbc87 5605 4a9f 8747 35e3dfca7a96
60 points


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77 points

Canadian Sunset

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12 points


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20 points

Hmmmm... fine... I'll hold hands with u...

Preview d68e3f1d bba2 4a5b bfb6 882cd3f905e6
21 points

My kitty scratched me in the eyelid after getting overexcited.

Preview 5662ad9a 7e80 445a 8f71 727505c7a879

My boss accidentally cut her iPhone in half with a hydraulic paper cutter.

Preview e5c057e7 6793 46e4 b865 c559de20cffa
59 points

Relax in the Vortex

Preview 2ce70a14 6d75 4b50 9495 b1a0794da200

My Galaxy S7 exploded today.

Preview f8d81429 2652 4d85 9e7c 29a54886e967
74 points

Camaro with additional horse power.

Preview d4a89bf3 e23a 4e5f b749 809a72d7bf8c
16 points

Fixed it

Preview 8c734431 eecb 4f7b b236 c9a009ed261b
24 points

How would you react if you came home to this

Preview 94eb31a2 b95b 45f6 a541 440e246c0c78
10 points

This Spider-man balloon shooting his web

Preview c9d48e3d 8c8f 4d20 8951 8b64cd66d011
9 points

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