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Uhmmmmmmm slav much?

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Elon Musk ladies and gents

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13 points

People in Ohio can't stand the place anyway

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14 points

Ikigai - a Japanese concept, meaning "a reason for being"

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10 points

The Bachelorette series summed up in one graphic

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13 points

Every time when I take a shower

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There has been earthquake at Turkey and some of the greek islands.It was 6.8.There has been a little extra,it was 1.9

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How to use Google? You are welcome.

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It's now stuck in your head

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2 points

Why nobody takes baby boomer seriously

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Heckin' Educational Doggo Chart To Help You Understand Your Derpy Woofers


Increasingly Verbose Pepe

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2 points

Why I pay with paypal ?

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2 points

Really school-_-

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Knops, The volume button for your ears

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2 points

We humans are so weird

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To the guy who said he could drive 9 hours and still be in Texas #straya

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2 points

Code refactoring with 10 wtfs per second

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1 points

How do flat earthers explain that ?

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198 points

Wendy's Twitter is gold, to bad they got rid of spicy nugs

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