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Lemon squeezing...

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124 points

What happens when I tell people I'm color blind

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100 points

My grandma thought this was hilarious

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108 points

Terrifying... Yet Durable.

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72 points

A graphic that's becomes 20x funnier if you call it a Venn Diagram

Preview 99339278 12f8 4d2e a575 a9ed668f34c1
75 points

Where your bad behavior suddenly becomes acceptable.

Preview 9e71c6fc 9d54 4b8f 9691 e43e17b35ffd
91 points

Ancient Japanese wisdom had me figured out from the start

Preview ee52bf3c 2783 4d85 9091 11a8c5939058
89 points

Dating in a nutshell.

Preview e88ba8ea 17ee 4d80 ab31 0d063fb2f40e
103 points

My kind of people

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56 points

This Amazon review.

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68 points

The most accurate Venn diagram

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56 points

Re latab le

Preview d11b1e3a 2a58 412b 8cb5 5b686a79dd35
64 points

This pope gives me hope

Preview 667b3051 2114 4730 be04 399b256b4011

The airplane has been hijacked and is crashing into the data tower

Preview 3ef9ae61 cf2b 42c3 b1f9 4255fcc00e3c

Reasons my wife tries to get my attention

Preview 1a2f305b 1ef1 45f7 8b65 2bf77366f63a
95 points

Truth has been spoken

Preview 30c2c0ac e8c8 4cf3 9a43 7a718e4d8780
93 points

They see me rollin'

Preview b9b4b79f c9ab 4a41 a219 edd7775b960d
79 points


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102 points

I made this chart to explain why I can't stand one of my wife's friends.

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130 points

Children are the worst

Preview 87f4eb8d 0bb4 4f50 96b4 553955815e47

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