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Cue mild palm sweating

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For people who are always late

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101 points

Redundant clock

Preview e89c2c49 8f92 431e b330 b8aad6c19672
63 points

My wife wondered why I was so excited to hit 80k miles

Preview 7f166cd0 e2ca 4079 8932 db08f9f18cb9
40 points

not sure what this symbol is supposed to be...

Preview 8d81d971 d140 4da2 8d4b 98bb57566e34
102 points

My today's achievement

Preview 7e4235d6 9437 43d5 b4bd 9258b18d7ed0
52 points

It only happens once

Preview ce68271a 03ad 4867 902b 200e351e935c
56 points

Employee goals

Preview 01bc93d1 f53f 47c6 bb7c 529eed1ceb91
110 points

Once in a lifetime, eh?

Preview 51a2d1cc abdd 42c4 9b69 996ab4b40158
63 points

When you want to drive but also want to take back Jerusalem

Preview c7a7c1d1 9083 44e6 ab50 ff019743c3d9
57 points

A number that can only be captured once in a car's lifetime

Preview 8b94b1c9 07cf 4079 967f 5fe0a8d5e330

Yep... That's a lady sitting on a riding mower, in the back of a utility trailer, completely unstrapped.

Preview 0f76a163 3eae 4d97 bcb8 834252bb49ea
52 points

He got a point

Preview 6199b522 a555 4abe a084 512f9ce858c7
21 points

Who agrees

Preview 534a3985 440f 402d ba58 f158385e3f28
108 points


Preview a6b835e7 94d8 4edd a40d 75d8febb5f48
76 points

I was driving to get gas, but I thought the trip meter was to coincidental to reset today

Preview b2f1c126 8817 47e2 a3c8 1250f92d8417

Or is it just my mom?

Preview 7d7a4c90 b016 4c35 8f57 d2cdd47b87b2
117 points

When your gf borrows your car

Preview 3211de22 e60f 435e 8ea7 512b0c830cab
354 points

Bond,james bond ?

Preview e4e1b0ba b37c 4902 abdb 8e47a96d58c0
323 points

This cup holder

Preview bbd4d651 1d19 4651 acd2 46f284bb7f91
139 points

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