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Larry the Cable Guy Mac and Cheese

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10 points

My Bloody Mary has an actual scorpion in it!

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12 points

Everyday we stray further from God's light.

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78 points

I had a falling out with my girlfriend, and she...

Preview cd7c20ad eb6c 40b9 9f21 e2b37f8a9f5c
89 points

I chew, I chew, I a million times chew.

Preview 1fd3303a a89c 47bd a7a7 360b2fa30839
108 points

How do you like them apples?

Preview 86723973 bb0b 46ab 89dd 0e911d7c55eb
68 points

Worth it

Preview 5a3371e3 57d5 4933 aa6b e75c6b9c1561
74 points

Milk Steak

Preview 4c4c4c0d 8630 4932 ae2a d10a07863862
78 points

Cellphone Found in Salad From Chili's

Preview 6b93d05c 02fd 441a acb5 6ecf429235af
78 points

Me in the Winter vs me in the Summer

Preview b33f36d4 bc95 4a3a 909b b25f4fa38bf7
73 points


Preview 0cfec35e b0ab 4f90 8e96 513119039ba7
74 points


Preview 6a4695a0 9435 44ec 8b50 fe5d35995d2b
90 points

Sorry for the short post.

Preview 45a7ae02 9ffe 4da5 8caf e039c1485240
47 points

Broccoli flower

Preview b82eb2cb 0e2e 4853 8900 68a030832976
35 points

Apparently this is what I get for putting the cat on a diet...

Preview 5e5f4c2f 9866 48f1 b822 fc148d7654c6

These strawberries

Preview f7465964 2fbd 4056 a3e3 70c27e0caca4
135 points

The most german tomato, you’ll see today!

Preview b342cae1 353f 4070 b367 6f898cf066e1
161 points

This cucumber is sponsored by Air Jordan

Preview ef5598cc 3c9d 4c8e 853f 4f0f70b19a2e
144 points

What would his mixtape be called?

Preview 66e99254 091d 492e b532 f6a7fe2ff6af
79 points

What flavor is this Ice cream ?

Preview e0596df5 2c61 4229 a7bc 0fcf76f3682d
108 points

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