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Curiosity killed the cat!

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94 points

Ditch Netflix be vintage

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68 points

Eastern time zone perfection

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The gf kept saying she wanted to draw something together. I suggested taking turns drawing individual lines. This was our dissaterpiece

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104 points

My boss showed me what his kid made in children’s church.

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96 points

Just don’t. Do the awesome thing.

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100 points

Shots fired by the local Barber shop.

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56 points

Chinese Restaurant

Preview c7d8e165 5a63 4eaa 991c e1455aed3223
87 points

The hell u doin dude!!

Preview 15d76947 c2e6 4c47 958d 92f377d52a1a
175 points

New Zealand's Department of Conservation Hut. #OnlyInNewZealand

Preview 4755da44 1dbb 4125 8ef4 ed2d3555a0cc
64 points

Bring your paintball guns. This is about to get serious.

Preview 439f6663 0386 4316 b52d b240af880d69
75 points

Interior of a flooded Houston car

Preview 326ff1dd 9985 44f1 a593 cad9f1537d13
86 points

I'll have 6 soups please

Preview 9d0bffdc 4724 4fa4 81e8 56f4aca58390
65 points

He tied a tablet and a phone to his steering wheel. Note the ticket in his hand

Preview 208b0297 80ac 45a0 8fa9 8ce5fafa623f
80 points

Meanwhile in Canada

Preview 333d3598 2cb6 4b1a a348 1306032e2d1b
87 points

When the Grim Reaper is on your marketing team.

Preview f68b656b 25dc 4d3b a7f2 95fe2f0fc3b8
164 points


Preview 3c50d13a 6931 47ed 969b 8ad727efdba6
56 points

This was Nissan's idea of their future cars in 1983.

Preview f3be0f99 de3b 4f81 a859 424f9e521892
54 points

Texas Department of Public Safety.

Preview 92f37350 32d5 4219 8dad 433e7bb4ee2c
67 points

Never forget.

Preview e4e33a1d ee40 4f89 8474 f0180a53b2a8
78 points

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