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A wild teenager appears

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83 points

Fight the power, Bill.

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96 points

That doesn't seem safe....

Preview b151b4f8 9a66 4153 8592 ee42e9532dc1

When a 3rd grader uses google to complete their homework...

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73 points

Uh...I guess I’m having a mojito then.

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69 points

Snek came inside, I don’t know why, but 3 little kitties just helped snek die.

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61 points

As an Asian, this can at work telling me to 'crose rid' was quite insulting

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77 points

Someone threw a rat tied to a string across our compound wall.

Preview 4c7ebd77 109f 40ab adc7 92ae0e3d5254
42 points

Can I get a different server please

Preview d9db1d72 3e47 4f63 8fad 3a40407780ea
20 points

A mummified rat protruding from my basement wall

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22 points

Toe-Nails On Paper | Art In Repose | High Class Trimmings | People Aren’t My Type

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21 points

Silly String Car Prank on Boyfriend!


And now I feel better

Preview 1776c9ef 5eed 48ff 8cc5 234cef9fbd0f

Was kind of hoping for a fortune, but that works too.

Preview 6d7d0df2 a137 406a 9161 084be03338ab
24 points

Where we had our fridge sitting for the past 10 years

Preview 32395aa4 7319 4c7b ba97 11ab696bceff
19 points

Remodeling the bathroom, thousand razors poured out of the wall

Preview 9b6d5cb1 696f 4fa5 9d1d 0399b000e7b1
65 points


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66 points

Whenever I see GoT related memes

Preview fa7310fa 4531 4cf4 b1d6 bc76e59b8dda
61 points

A mummified rat protruding from my basement wall

Preview ea881f97 a1f3 43ec 84b6 83b3f4b87b38
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