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Whenever I see GoT related memes

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12 points

A mummified rat protruding from my basement wall

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23 points

Google "Mountain Chicken"

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I didn't know gameboy had a camera

Preview 80c03e68 a003 4efd 99d7 06d053641c07
17 points

Varicose veins on the back of my leg

Preview 5472bbe2 925f 43e2 9ee0 9bb6835948a5
22 points

My dog carries multiple pieces of his food to the rug to eat when he’s ready. Inevitably I end up stepping on it. It feels similar to stepping on little rocks

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What are the rules of ant fight club?

Preview e9b77032 3251 4d32 b026 c847359b66bd
64 points

No Brick Here

Preview 6761dda9 4ab0 4766 9f7b 5171b3c4852b
21 points

This water spot looks like a rabbit blowing a bubble away.

Preview 25a2e6cc 7b9d 4185 8116 6bff9469582b
63 points

A little light reading while I sit

Preview 6852ed81 ce7a 474d af00 5e3215d3fd46
50 points

JFK files when released

Preview 309c4e54 f67f 49d5 ae24 41f7d64b64cd
20 points

Varicose veins on the back of my leg

Preview b2691981 c000 46d2 9780 50312d9125fd
23 points

Varicose veins on the back of my leg

Preview 4b467e53 1202 4e47 b68d 1df871f1ce9c
97 points

Damn liars

Preview 430a7e97 6475 42ff b306 c833c870ace7
99 points

Banksy's book

Preview 545ad964 5366 4c77 902e 3f090b26b30a
20 points

Fight club

Preview 0af7bc8a a12a 47bc 8220 18619c609417
15 points

Found this book from 1916 inside the wall of my house.

Preview 84d3547e 48af 427d 8082 460446f8e683
6 points

My dad just caught an albino mole

Preview 32721397 e878 481e a5f3 5e3a7c13f8f3
4 points

The way this barrier bar is painted

Preview a3b60e31 b360 4fd3 9745 0ffe8e9cd8ba
3 points

I decided to pull my bedside table out from the wall after living here for one year aaaand...

Preview f03120da 21a0 49f4 8d22 66bc7a45d6cd
58 points

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