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Dog shit in my yard!!


Thank's cat, really helpful

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Got two fortunes in my cookie. I’ve never been more conflicted in my life.

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93 points

You sir...

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91 points

This is that field

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77 points

Weird Old Pompeii wall painting

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77 points

My wife slid this under the bathroom door for me.

Preview 74cb534d 8c8f 40ab 92e3 4a3775bbf482
106 points

Raging Airline Customers Refuse To Clean Their Own Hotel Room Prank Call

15 points

Gravy denied

Preview 956a69d6 0cf8 4717 be2f 63ac744189fe

A wild teenager appears

Preview 13b40c3a 2deb 4839 a68a bdfc33e41afc
102 points

Fight the power, Bill.

Preview e382a6e3 2aee 431e aafd ac3f2ebd9929
113 points

That doesn't seem safe....

Preview b151b4f8 9a66 4153 8592 ee42e9532dc1

When a 3rd grader uses google to complete their homework...

Preview b58baedb 703e 4401 8b38 e79e2db860c6
83 points

Uh...I guess I’m having a mojito then.

Preview c78bb110 67ca 4aa5 926a 0ce191e8a995
78 points

Snek came inside, I don’t know why, but 3 little kitties just helped snek die.

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Preview f8bdd97f ccae 43b5 b4ce fad89ab23811
105 points

As an Asian, this can at work telling me to 'crose rid' was quite insulting

Preview 087e26e2 dbdc 4d0e b4e1 b6ad7c5b0f1c
84 points

Someone threw a rat tied to a string across our compound wall.

Preview 4c7ebd77 109f 40ab adc7 92ae0e3d5254
64 points

Can I get a different server please

Preview d9db1d72 3e47 4f63 8fad 3a40407780ea
85 points

A mummified rat protruding from my basement wall

Preview 9d42ae8c 1dc4 4afa b247 0942049c9f7c
38 points

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