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Varicose veins on the back of my leg

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88 points

Damn liars

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91 points

Banksy's book

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17 points

Fight club

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4 points

Found this book from 1916 inside the wall of my house.

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2 points

My dad just caught an albino mole

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1 points

The way this barrier bar is painted

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2 points

I decided to pull my bedside table out from the wall after living here for one year aaaand...

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18 points

How's it

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10 points

The thought of being eaten alive makes me sweat

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Turn Me On Prank


May I present you: Pepachu

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145 points

This is what Tour the France rider legs look like after 16 stages

Preview d2f9843a 4d51 468c 9381 667a30d50f58
15 points

Julie Andrews Reveals How They Pulled Off That Iconic Sound Of Music Scene Is Extremely Hard!


Who Knows this letter

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11 points

Happy 4th of July!

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8 points

Friend took a tiny tumble while on blood thinners....this is day two.

Preview 69a8761d 5200 425d 979e ec34e9367e08
7 points

This chunk of wood looks kinda canadian

Preview f89ff16c 47ca 4251 be97 d2b2a1e18a9f
6 points

This symbol is embedded in the sidewalk near my workplace in London.

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129 points

R2-D2 What Happened to You

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