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Interesting individual

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62 points

Stephen King

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No Regretz

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94 points

Fly leg eyelashes

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65 points

My boyfriend's pinky toe after catching a football in mid-air and landing on a rock.

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155 points

User reviews the newest Power Rangers movie.

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149 points

What do you do when you get a vibrator stuck in your rectum? Why, you use salad tongs to pull it out, of course!

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166 points

There’s something wrong with my dad’s elbow.

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81 points

Sat on a dagger moth caterpillar while driving. Didnt realize what was going on for 10 minutes

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72 points

Ma'am, your feet are turning blue...

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135 points

Mistakes were made

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106 points

Natural tattoos done by thunder

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145 points

Mistakes were made

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A string was under my skin when I got stitches and is now coming out of my skin

Preview c8ea09d2 f4f6 4d3f 9cdc 79802ed85360
121 points

Best show ever

Preview c0344f4e 3c2a 41aa aeda 58b3d8bf772d

Heart tattoos are awesome!

Preview f17907c4 1dc9 44d0 9ade 7e51a4476632
63 points

girl chokes on fidget spinner

Preview 80f942c2 b9c7 4bc4 9014 9f818c8ea5bd
128 points

You'll have to put yourself in the fridge too tho

Preview 80692533 d629 4e32 aa7a 9c95f193469c
110 points

Really, REALLY Unsettling...

Preview 6cb7b363 2446 410b 8730 0f01092515af
22 points

This is what's under the plaque in plaque psoriasis. Had this particular wound for five years now.

Preview 8f9e93b9 361a 4ff8 bee6 33ea644a92ac
84 points

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