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A childs skull

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88 points

A decoration the local fish resturant has waiting for customers that decide to eat there.

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83 points

Just missing Warner

Preview ca04382d b29b 4ac9 91ca 35255eef7c2e
99 points

Kevin, I don’t think that was weed

Preview 9218afa9 4f3e 4f7f 93bb f79f06bf203a
74 points

The sarcasm, the puns, the raw power. God help us.

Preview 23462e3d 5a44 4424 a1d5 bc3e293b2063
94 points

Innovative Japan..

Preview 7dee2bb9 eaa6 4303 ab9b f1953adae46d
75 points

I'll never be that cool

Preview e013d314 8a0c 48c0 973b be0966768fbd
112 points


Preview e1a78254 6355 46a8 8ed2 3ca5c6f7312a
65 points

When you need more eyes for Izanagi

Preview 3ef57da8 d318 41d3 8931 eb7420d69d80
111 points


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63 points

Puggy blinders

Preview 90745693 d75b 48fa 9aea 6f64356c46d1
78 points

Got it

Preview 8a11246a c71b 428d 8936 a149e4f13122
66 points

Portland store has this skull for sale.

Preview aab3b674 a00e 4de7 9208 14fbd491f486
86 points

Meeting your date's dad before prom

Preview ec727e2e 6e2b 4d8f beb3 e9e94c2d5973
114 points

This dollar store toy

Preview c2dbac25 3a91 4508 b303 c2149e4b2908
90 points

Perfect selfie 🤳🏻

Preview dff7acdb 704a 44d6 88a6 19d6307ca21c

My childhood bedroom light switch. Still can't bring myself to watch IT.

Preview ef92e9e1 d692 4fb1 8f14 7d367ed48713
94 points

Woman has four balloons implanted in her face so dangerous birthmark can removed and replaced with expanded skin

Preview 22648e6c 4293 4b0b 8656 4c4f3c10863f
574 points

Two-headed cyclops calf born today

Preview 7da9cc09 2f3c 4511 92d7 7e9d035496ef
81 points

It all makes sense now

Preview 48452a47 1ef9 4fe2 ab50 c674aae5e314
58 points

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