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Friendzone constitution article 999

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106 points

Ahh, perfect timing by Reddit..

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I loved playing snake

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13 points

My favorite Xmas pastime

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In front of a pub in Edinburgh

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Someone upload all pokemon sun & moon episodes on pornhub

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66 points

I can't even draw a stick-figure...

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13 points

What the actual f**k

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14 points

If I was there, I would hug her and thank her for the best childhood I have ever had

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14 points

You Matter (From meme stash)

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11 points

Literally me every math session I have.

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14 points

Engineers MasterRace

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11 points

Another level

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79 points

We have a lot of happy customers...

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The aisle to avoid.

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67 points

Sapnu puas

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9 points

Harsh chess

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87 points

Who agrees

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49 points


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51 points

33 Funny Profiles That Definitely Got People Laid [Part II]

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