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EA customer service

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63 points

Movies to show your kids

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60 points

Find your Netflix and chill partner

Preview 7d89487b e2a0 437f 811b 6e94713afad9
52 points

It's always time for alcohol...

Preview 53d52fd3 c071 4bc1 8c7d 94eb90dde9af
53 points

Set 'em up, and...

Preview 257e5c2b 1ca1 4e54 86b5 bc4900eee2b6
23 points

Trolling the system

Preview 15c73702 d4d1 4b16 9a0e 9dc375adb18d
23 points

Some say it doesn't count as a Christmas movie.

Preview fa85d1f9 212b 4f58 ba52 f566627d03a2

The Sign Outside a Church in my Town

Preview 87c38b3d 90ae 43ca 88a1 1b621daa9c2f
24 points

Oh a Home Alone Marathon.

Preview 66bf18b8 8258 4818 baa0 971c9ddb788f

Ellen on candle salad

Preview dd42a36b 4ba7 4eec 927d d478b43889a2
61 points

The local pub sums it up beautifully.

Preview 85160b7b 1954 4aea b5a3 e2ba6f43d82d
61 points

What would be your favorite button?

Preview d3c22106 4199 4aeb 8376 c87326735632
61 points

"Phoneception" - Whenever I upgrade my phone I snap a pic of the old phone with this photo as the background. I find it pretty amusing but my wife hates it.

Preview 20b38659 f4b9 4754 ab2d 855c2dfbfae5
19 points

My mom just got her first smartphone. My dad PRINTED THE 180 PAGES OF THE MANUAL!

Preview 1c3aadf9 3990 43bd b43c 229c2088eb58
33 points

When you accidentally go to work on sunday

Preview 91f57847 9c34 4235 9961 5502ad7fbdf0
22 points

Well, that escalated quickly.

Preview 9bfae9aa 581d 4b11 aa95 02218bbb27fb
23 points

Worst Thanksgiving Ever

Preview 79bb9b1a e91c 4497 9c86 98abf1bc755f

FINALLY, a country that cares about light pollution!

Preview a47e2ad5 8a1b 48c6 8da4 831c79c8bcc9
22 points

Even Lithuania and Portugal in Crossover

Preview ce416424 396f 468a 82eb 6d39d269a22e

That's okay. I don't really need to be able to see to play this game.

Preview 6cd4a962 261c 426f a03c ca30b74deca2

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