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Nicholas cage

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61 points

Not sure I can hang...

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92 points

When memes is life

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19 points

My wife casually mentioned that she forgot to take birth control this weekend... then we woke up to this on our microwave this morning

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48 points

Come to the dark side

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7 points

Let's stick with "restaurants that sound like sex acts" for 800$ Alex

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24 points

My elderly resident couldn't remember where she put her tv remote, here's where I found it

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22 points

A bar in my hometown plans to make an effort to stay open during Irma.

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21 points

At the coffee shop when you get hit by this unexpected quote of the day

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90 points

I found this book in the basement of a house im renting

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18 points

Guess I'm stayin' inside then...

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22 points

That I'm not the..

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1 points

20 years can make a big difference

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23 points

My dad's phone.

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18 points

Before Smartphone

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7 points

That's a huge miss

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22 points

F**king Timmy

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99 points

This cockroach is INSIDE my oven clock

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84 points


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83 points

Teach me master....

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