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My twin brother and I ran into our celebrity lookalikes the property brothers🤣 [email protected]

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84 points

Science 101

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75 points

Saved from boredom

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74 points


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41 points

Also laziness.

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84 points

What's your most favorite show of all time? For me it's definitely Scrubs. My opinion: It's a majestic adventure with tons of laughs and tears.

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Think about it

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78 points

Somebody be my friend please

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24 points

Motherland 101

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65 points

Had to give my phone to the nurse when I went into have my finger partially amputated woke up to this gem

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80 points

God dammit

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102 points

I just told you he's gone

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23 points

Doctor doctor, tell me the news...

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4 points

Is this where I am supposed to write?

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This Schizophrenia Simulation Can Let You Experience The Scariness Of The Inability To Define What's Real!

154 points

I Think I Just Dieded

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