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Anchors do not "refuse to sink", try this instead.

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133 points

There are two types of graffiti artist in this world..

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221 points

10/10 answer

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107 points

Best wedding Save the Date ever

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117 points

Fight the power, Bill.

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131 points

That's a risk, alright.

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127 points

Facebook principles in real life

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154 points

Bag of Flour

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127 points

Beautiful Radio

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126 points

I’m no theologian, but that seems suspicious.

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118 points

Been putting in silly special requests when booking hotel room for a few years now. King and Prince, on Saint Simons Island, is the first hotel to actually fulfill my request. Priceless.

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136 points

Blowjobs are my forte

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141 points

Urine for a discount

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96 points

My local dive bar has a kids menu

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139 points


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125 points

Hue Jackman

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102 points

I wasnt even mad at him

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115 points

What is love?

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87 points

This kid's going places

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101 points


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