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If I ever were to apply to NASA, this is the rejection letter I would get.

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That's deep!

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Scholarship's "How to be a better student" application is only for "Good White Students" - I wish I was making this up.

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Signed Bible in my hotel room from the one and only..

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12 points

Kids spell the darndest things

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10 points

Would you know?

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74 points

When you're married

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Possibly the greatest table of contents ever

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Collective Nouns for Groups of Animals

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There has been earthquake at Turkey and some of the greek islands.It was 6.8.There has been a little extra,it was 1.9

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Hotel Room Survey

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Your brain - use it or lose it. Srsly. After some time, You will be unable to do it with a real person.

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13 points

I found a “Metal” mix tape I made in 1986

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11 points

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Draw a line to the correct answer.

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Hey, that's not AA

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Kid's take on tornado safety

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Got a good laugh this morning when I walked into work on my last day.

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I need time to get started

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I hope you like it

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