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Who's first to try it !

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13 points

Separation anxiety

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11 points

OP : Stealing memes

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15 points

I found this on my school desk this morning

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Give Reddit what it wants

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11 points

Yea sure he really needs it...

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15 points

Sam Brownback, pioneer of economic growth via massive tax cuts, cannot count to 18

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19 points

This is a real homework assignment sent home in Florida

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10 points

"Please could you speak to your children-"

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19 points

My mum tried to tell me Birds weren't animals this is what the internet said

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137 points

This reply from owner at 420 friendly hotel in CO.

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Kids can say creepy things ( Part 4)

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Welcome to the Republican party.

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2 points

This is how it should be

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2 points

Happy 4th july South Canada

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#cruzmissile coming in

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3 points

The non-spicy option at my local Korean place

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2 points

How exactly is a notebook "confidential"?

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16 points

Separation anxiety

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