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Put a sneaker on your dog's bone and ask people if they've seen a jogger hopping by

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16 points

Charlie goes to the vet. Before and after medication. How do I make this a meme?

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17 points

ah thing!!!!!

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18 points

My co-worker's new rescue isn't very happy in her new home

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Adoda travel fun!

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This neezus. She decided to chew a remote and cost me $2000. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness.

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My cat Paco.

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every morning i make my bed, and every day after i leave he unmakes it to get underneath the covers. today i caught him.

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Dog or Dogn't?

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16 points

She owns my remotes.

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Cool, I need a dog like this one.

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Still can’t get over how creepy this dog is. It’s been months and I cringe every time I look into his beady little old man eyes.

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62 points

I’m always right when will you learn

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118 points

I threw a tennis ball, he brought back a crab apple. Close enough, I guess.

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155 points

The little dog wanted a belly rub, but the bigger one wanted something to lay her head on.

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Poor dog loses her head from vicious boxer......

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Rambo before and after calling him a good boy.

Preview 535af04d 552e 4de1 99db ec7e64801a26

Hazel always sits and lays on Willow

Preview c0f527c1 7f2e 471e a252 7e78e3d7672b

Nightmare kitty

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64 points

Thanks, Sadie. I was hoping to tip and break my neck.

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