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I don't dare to wake her up to open the door..

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Cause this is thriller, thriller night!

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Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Owner’s Side When He Falls & Goes Unconscious.

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11 points

He froze when I said, "Hi."

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Sit. Good Dog.

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Meeting Pluto

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Her life flashed before her eyes at that moment

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Now you know, go make your Cat happier.

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13 points

Gets sit on but makes friend

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12 points

Rip clean clothes

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Just bought a new dog, his name is moon

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Prof floofer does a teach on how to be a good boy

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11 points

Never felt more stupid

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9 points

He'll never see it coming

Preview 041f6805 1bb5 433d b9ae bc1cd6e50518
11 points

Getting my new friend home !!! 🐶

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Never related to a meme any better

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6 points

Good Boy

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11 points

Accurate, descriptive tits can help people

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