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Yes,I can hear them

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I don't think that's how you're supposed to do it.

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Cant be the only one

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It must've bean unbearable

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I Googled "Fat Greyhound"

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My dog wants to have puppies so bad she's having a false pregnancy. She's been nursing this plush dog for a week

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When I tell him he looks handsome

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Yes boss...

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Which is the only part od a vegetable that u dont eat? (see tags)

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Good Boy

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Why did I laught at this for a minute straight?

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The moment my dog kicked him in the balls. Sorry for potato quality

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The best thing to happen in an airport, ever.

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"I said I want a treat NOW!"

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I halp with piew piew

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The best thing to happen in an airport, ever.

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Yes, I do enjoy bras.

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"So tired of posing for you on the top of this mountain"

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B O Y E does a evolve

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She thought she was jumping into water. Regrets ensued

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