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This Smart Dog Rides The Bus All By Herself To Go To The Park EVERY DAY And Wins Heart Of Everybody!

195 points

Hooman, what the fuck

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363 points

Rofl didn't believe it until I tried it

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184 points

Unsure Doggo

Preview 5b4cbbe3 b854 4160 a6a2 346833d9254f
150 points

What If The Animals On This Planet Were Round?

138 points

The entrance to hell is less intimidating than I expected

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182 points

Only car guys will understand

Preview 473807c2 0921 45c4 afbd 91427ee9872d
188 points

Caption this

Preview 482bda27 db0f 4b84 9e32 f621c5473310
172 points

Selfie time!

Preview 87995cdf ea7b 4326 9f6b d51b69da21a5
156 points

My wolf pack.

Preview 02a82017 e566 476b b66e 2cc8efb35dfd
206 points

Wet Dog - A New Fragrance For Women Who Love Men Who Love Dogs (NSFW)

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436 points

When you have ps4 but you want ps4 pro and dad be like

Preview ad618981 d306 406c a646 da9b31fe93e0
204 points

You mean... unduckover

Preview d547b0ae 60e6 440e 8c0f dfaa02095993
186 points


Preview 8f37e16f ca85 4a2e 8d86 d61b1c359caf
141 points


Preview 63501c0a f1c3 4177 84dc 810ed889c480
164 points

Husky/Chihuahua mix

Preview 4cb3cbba 950d 4aa6 8fe3 3fc560a9e990
117 points

When you realize you did a mistake

Preview c2760e9f 12f8 47c9 b270 cfe1bfdecda8
136 points

Thanks man!

Preview fa8c2e33 d2e0 41c0 9d45 991e43a74343
172 points

I saw this, and couldn't resist

Preview 50bb6d4a 0c22 4200 88f2 38316d3223ff

Pupper fell asleep on my hand. He's going to be a border patrol sniffer dog!

Preview 90200211 8c39 4839 9dc1 62759f3c07f3
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