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Clearly my dog loves her birthday present

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84 points

"Comcast Technical, how may I help you?"

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83 points

She refuses to sit on a bare floor.

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My heart skips when they play like this. It looks worse than it is, she just lays there.

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Looking through dog ads when all of a sudden

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66 points


Preview ecdb8b30 39e4 4855 8719 595098681273
85 points

Sales calls... Amirite?!?

Preview 6b7022cf 24b4 41a3 adbe 5d95a6559cc2

Sibling Rivalry

Preview 114607f5 2749 451d 9df5 7c8066fe3d8b

Hungry all the time

Preview ae708236 c160 4a93 bff3 ab0c72342418
97 points

I should have called shotgun.

Preview 4b0edd8a cc21 43e8 8454 f9a61cb1555f

Master gave Dobby a sock

Preview 135c1a63 572c 4470 a277 6c3984fd07e1
71 points

I saw the chew toy earlier and I raise you all this.

Preview 0c70da32 08fc 4c3e afa1 c5e1c64826b5
85 points

Drunk doggo

Preview adc8faec 6d60 4d35 afa5 2073d9592533
110 points

Someone is comfy

Preview a4508c93 f6f0 43b2 b1e0 1431f4422758

He was sleeping but when I took this picture he woke up scared of his own fart. the owner and I shared a laugh though!

Preview 838c78a6 0ece 40d0 ac35 89e9c4bae8fa
112 points

Parenting sure is difficult...

Preview 99df308c 7122 4f42 8243 6f848e5f49a3
78 points

Oh ohhh!

Preview bbd604ba b91a 4e61 9506 1df30884dd62
82 points

Adopted a doggo today

Preview 7fe4eef7 bf83 4257 aa93 d52e0b31a11c
41 points

Can't walk away from these eyes

Preview ad161852 b62c 4843 a915 9b216cfc23b5
77 points

Have a nice weekend

Preview 34ad2587 f9d9 4ff6 8291 25a86627b115
126 points

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