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I need an explanation for this photo.

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60 points

A Koosh Ball Popped, So This Happened

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72 points

Mr. T Doll Party

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24 points

My daughter looks like Beaker from The Muppets.

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68 points


Preview b797e757 c30a 47db aef5 7707469287c5
21 points

Peppa Pig in a predicament

Preview 20513d87 01d4 4c45 a3eb ec77fb9fb928
70 points

real pregnancy action!

Preview 4f126f57 e7ef 4274 a6a3 60b0dd7fdc08
64 points

When you remember you forgot to turn off the oven.

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55 points

About 5 years ago, I put googly eyes on a picture of my brother as a baby. They're still there to this day.

Preview e1d8b4ac 6afe 44d7 8bb1 02308be7b4ef
73 points

Little sister paused at just the right time

Preview 2548aa8b 36a6 4af9 baac 8555a8df4ed7

Saw this at an antiques mall yesterday.

Preview e69171c8 283e 4e8c b305 bdde7deb28b1
50 points

16-Year-Old Girl Replaces Trained Singer 4 Hours Before Show Starts, She Nails The Most Difficult Opera Song Ever

152 points

When Annabelle goes to Korea for plastic surgery

Preview 1898b08f 18c0 446d 9e98 466b4c4b4cc8

Damn it,kim. (not mine)

Preview 6a7ce667 1ea3 4045 8394 b735abbe5096
75 points

Evil Doll Prank On Kids GONE WRONG!!!

20 points

Does she?

Preview 0105d1cc c266 458f 9803 ccfe1d09ded1
115 points

Everytime I see a piercing.

Preview 4a2a4d12 bad0 4e7c 83b4 adee9f64c0ac
153 points


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