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These fish jumped at the perfect time.

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Aussie man describes horny dolphin


I love alcohol

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A Leopard Seal Feeds A Diver Food Instead Of Killing Him

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94 points

Good to know

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When you're drunk af and start making friends with everyone

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How to design a cool chracter

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He's still a live b*tchez!

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This is a beluga seen from below. A shape which should be familiar to you #mermaid

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0_0 ---> 0 ___ 0

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14 is ... accurate

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We all do it!

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Manute Bol

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Dolphin shows an Albatross how to get some air

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Slid all the way down the waterproof pants into the rubber shoes

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You and me know you can’t do anything...

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Who reads this?

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AMAZING! Girl Makes Dolphin Laugh Is Nothing You Would Have Expected To See!

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I smell something fishy

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One of these images is a turtle, and the other a person on a surfboard. Now imagine you're a hungry shark.

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