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This rude young boy sitting on my biology papers

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Haven't you ever heard of knocking??

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they still ask me why I named him Lucifer

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Yea stop

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35 points

I see your stretching greyhound jerk and raise you a stretching fluffy jerk

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Someone moved from the couch.

Preview 8b0a0a6a d382 48a5 988a ec2bc406c6bd
31 points

You guys ready? - alright, say "Cheese!"

Preview ddf166e0 aa64 4fe1 a599 eda16d3a7a1d
44 points

The jerk has his own bed

Preview fad1ed37 c17b 4a13 8104 0c806da5ab1a

'Nam flashback

Preview 8dc0429e b368 46dd 8cf3 2192fa43c644
60 points

At least she looks guilty

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First, a saucer of milk. Then I invade Czechoslovakia.

Preview 122586bb 4da7 41b8 b1d6 bd1bafe924f3
66 points

Funny Cat

Preview f42ef639 f0e9 4eeb bf6d a5ab9b2c2b6d
52 points

I blew my nose whilst he sat on me.

Preview 5c62ac2b c986 49f9 a352 24bab8559671
69 points


Preview d2147d70 c4e6 4d33 b61f d8f8ad7cdcec
71 points

My daughter sneezed.

Preview b5d738ba 3389 4ea1 bc63 3fae66c8c823
24 points

Izzy is such a goof

Preview b61d945c ddd8 4058 86de dbb0d520f69c
56 points

My dog with a rawhide chew gives her a perfect smile

Preview fc29a44b 5c55 4412 ad25 eb2174f401f5
44 points

She won't move

Preview 06693a5c a89c 4b6a 9e92 cb288a32d519

My dog looks like she’s a floating head

Preview 3fd88228 84f3 417d b400 0266ef464c14
41 points

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