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Rofl didn't believe it until I tried it

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The entrance to hell is less intimidating than I expected

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178 points

Only car guys will understand

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183 points

Huh, What is That? Holy Shit!

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196 points

You mean... unduckover

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184 points

Hi, I'm Egg.

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Merlin doesn't care that I want to watch TV.

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Pet me, hoomans

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Couple And Baby In Happy....

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107 points

Meet Coco

Preview b5d7232c a26d 4e7e acef ad6c7e50265b
58 points

A new member for our little family!

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74 points

Just found them..their mom was dead. I already found a family for the white one. Help me find a name for the brown lady

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He is my very first kitty and he just died a couple days ago. He took my whole heart with him.

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101 points

Cats and homework ;)

Preview a8af0b77 c6d6 48b1 acaf e8764c4ebea6
163 points

Just a hamster saying hello

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135 points

TBH Shapeshifter seems like the best one

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129 points

Artist Sophie Gamand photographs pit bulls in floral crowns to show their softer side and encourage adoption

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117 points

Be true to yourself little pupper

Preview 29294a5b 1a86 4daa 9899 070579836752
146 points

A chicken with horn?

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